Attack Of The Shofars in DC

I'd just been to the Franklin Graham march in Washington DC when I was interrupted by a bunch of shofars. Everyone should pray on this holy day and also remember that Donald Trump has been a great friend to Israel, as well as to Christians.

We need to pray to God and ask for mercy, just for more time as the church starts to wake up.

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7 thoughts on “Attack Of The Shofars in DC

  1. How can you support such an ungodly man for president? Have you not seen the photos of him and Jeffrey Epstein. He publicly wished Ghislaine Maxwell we’ll from the White House. He held a calendar girl event at Mira Lago for them.

    • Many years ago when I was a newbie in net commenting I came called across a strange post…about a place called “Juvenile Island”…and they had been a temporary ticket taker. They said you wouldn’t believe the celebrities who went very often and mentioned the Clintons. It was back in the days of “The Apprentice” so that’s how famous Trump was, and he apparently did go one time, but never again, which was unusual in the list of visitors. When his enemies found a clip of him mildly mocking his bedazzled female fans, he responded with a stage full of Clinton woman assault victims! I thought at the time he had guts & that he was serious about exposing the ex-President! The whole time the career hacks have been acting aggressively frightened in how badly they have tried to “get him”. Christian prophets have been seeing an embarrassing period for American politics. I think God is using Trump to outsmart some people who have been getting away with extreme evil for a very long time…who knows they may even get saved when their deeds come to light!

    • Compare any thing you have heard Trump did in the past with the taking of the lives of the unborn. In the eyes of God, there is nothing that brings His wrath on a people like shedding innocent blood. Donald Trump has learned many things in the last 4 years. One thing he does not bend on is protecting the unborn. There is no other issue that outweighs that one.

  2. I attended the Washington DC prayer March as well and have been praying and fasting for God to show us mercy rather than judgement. I ordered your book God’s Chaos Code and I follow you on Youtube. I’m a strong supporter of a Cultural Mandate , so I am in full agreement of your 7 Mountain Mandate doctrine. I’ll continue to pray for your ministry and encourage you to “keep on keepin on”.

  3. Hello, enjoy your books and have watched you several times on tv. Have yet to read the new one. On Jim Bakker yesterday something you said. I agree with the Cyrus comparison with Trump. You are truly a prophet. Anyway on that show you said Cyrus was not a Jew but helped and supported them which is very true but…you mentioned Trump was not a believer and helped us Christians. I had listened to Paula White, his spiritual advisor. He grew up Presbyterian by a godly mom. He was in church Sat and Sun every wk growing up. Then the family switched to the church of Norman Vincent Peale. He went there for a long time. He might not go much now but he believes. She said he did believe and had a faith walk we know he was rich and got famous especially among the celebrities. He then led a secular life but still believed. He certainly now, I believe, has gotten closer to God. Even before his election he had a group of pastors meet to pray as to whether he should run for President. When he walked in he said to Ken and Gloria Copeland, Hi Ken Hi Gloria. I watch you on TV. Paula said most of the time when he watched tv it was religious shows. He was indeed a believer for yrs but of course did not live the life for a while. He is someone I am proud to vote for. Praise God! He will win! God bless you!

  4. As an elderly widow, PK, Patriot, Born again Christian, (ILLITERATE Computer person! )confined in my Cage (oh yes, a MOST comfortable one – and I have kids who care for me diligently!) I am filled with JOY, discovering wonderful prophetic words concerning my beloved America, yours among them.
    GOD HAS TOLD ME “RIGHTEOUSNESS PREVAILS! ” (notice HE didn’t say “will “or “shall” or “does” to me. HE SAID “RIGHTEOUSNESS PREVAILS” Selah! Carolyn R. Riess

  5. This is in Canada … in Windsor, Ontario Canada over 15 military vehicles and personnel dressed in camouflage and a few in all black were at the OPP station near 401 and Manning Road.

    Our Federal Liberal Government is stating a total lockdown on December 2 until June 15.

    Please pray for us.