A Moment of Life Changing Clarity

Why is it so hard to come out and say what we really mean?

I notice this most when we ask people to describe their passion. Invariably, people hide their #1 passion somewhere down around #5. We captured this moment while on an Extreme Dream Trip in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Watch what happens when this dynamic young lady has a moment of life changing clarity!

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163 thoughts on “A Moment of Life Changing Clarity

  1. This was,Is a very great teaching Lance you have done it again, you keep bringing the heat,fire into peoples lives. Gods Blessings over you,all your my friend. So beleiveing I can make it to the Oct. teaching.

  2. This was truely insightful and inspirational. The young lady was authentic and the example or message hit right in the heart. Thank you Lance for showing us one way to see what our passion is and how it truely moves us and can be recognized by its moving in our hearts. Like her I was moved to tears as she recognized her passion as it is mine as well.

  3. I want to see more of this type of thing that will help me discover my true passion and practical steps on how to live it.

  4. When the clarity hits you, it’s as though your destiny quits running on low batteries and gets plugged into 230 volts. At this point, you KNOW you can change the world, some way, some how. Lance, thanks for introducing living stones to the voltage of Heaven and helping us find the proper compass direction for maximum impact potential.

  5. Loved being part of this… what an amazing young lady Ashley is! Thank you Lance and Ashley for helping us all with this demonstration in how to tap into our true passions!

  6. Yes, very helpful. I am a therapist and have learned to have the client move their hand to the place where they sense something happening. This was an amazing demonstration of how the body, spirit and mind all work in tandem. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Thank you Lance! I love seeing and being a part of this work!! My intention is to be someone who helps people get this kind of clarity! After spending most of my life in desperate search for meaning, I realize that my passion is my meaning. Whatever the sphere of influence, I believe God placed a passion in each of us to address human need with divine power. That is who we are, created to manifest the glory of becoming more like Christ who saved, healed, delivered and set free.

  8. Awesome.. How we shelf our true passion.. Thanks for the lesson in breakthrough.. I shall now share this with others and begin to write, speak, proclaim, and find my real Passion.. Blessings in your work of encoraging others to live there Passion and Destiny

  9. I thank God that HE connected me you .You are a great teacher. I pray that God will continually use u to where God has called you,more lives will be changed,increase in wisdom as you keep on sharing it,in Jesus Name!
    Truth is revealed in the life of that lady,the power of the Holy spirit is exposing it. More of this Lance.Glory be to His wonderful name.

  10. Lance,
    This was incredibly moving! I’m planning to be there in October 2013! Since I was in the room when you came to Kingdom Investors on the Gold Coast in September 2011, it was a turning point in my life that has taken me on an accelerated path of convergence! Great stuff Lance, as always!

  11. My husband and I so look forward to any video or blog you post out…thank you! This helps us from not picking up and moving to Texas just to follow you around 🙂

  12. Yes, I thought it was great. Really good to learn to communicate from your heart. Finding out what my dream is for myself is a little difficult for me personally as I have been struggling with serious mental health issues for decades, and it is painful as it seems a lot of time has been lost. Nevertheless I can learn from what happens when someone trusts their heart.

  13. i can’t get it to come up. It’s like it’s buffeting but never starts. What do I need to do??

  14. This was such a powerful glimpse into the passion we keep hidden with-in. I found myself weeping, yes I want to see those who have been silenced for so long walk out into freedom. Mostly I want to never let anyone gag me and keep me from expressing the freedom that you purchased for me, freedom to move and flow with the spirit that longs for me to move to the rhythm of his voice only. Lance I love that you re facilitating others to reach deep. I am hoping to join you in the fall.

  15. Come to Everett wa to Sonrise christain center and do this. I would pay to be mentored in this because I feel something in me but I don’t know where to apply it.

  16. Love it Lance! Thank you. The world is waiting for us to discover and live from the heart – what we were made for. All Heaven is waiting! When we live from purpose LIFE is released and EVERYTHING changes.

  17. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this powerful video! It made me feel alive and reawakened my passion for my work! I am pushing through some of the part of my work today that can get so tedious and this helped me remember why I do it! Sure would love to be there soon!

  18. Mark from Denver Colorado. Glad to see the results of what you are doing. Look forward to being with you again sometime soon. Say hello to Jonathon and we hope you will return to Denver to be with us here again as well…….God Bless you and the work of your hands ….in Jesus’ mighty name……amen

  19. Glory to God. Blessings to you and yours Lance. I have almost all your MP3’s. You are one of the best in our times. This excites me to elevate my passion for my new book (not that I need to ‘Rev it up anymore than I already am) which should be ready for the proof reader at the end of May. I thinking about going in October.

  20. This has really touched me but I liked the first one you put up that was longer showing her reading out her passion at the start. I think watching the whole thing was very impacting. I have watched this about 5 times now and cried each time! Thank you for sharing with us.

  21. Just finished our little group meeting at Fellowship ( church ) 3 hrs ago . I will never settle for less than , with my passion for building influence into the world with the prophetic , healing and financial freedom . Thanks for the video , it brought tears and more resolve .

  22. Last wknd in Cabo was life-changing for all of us! FAR exceeded my wildest expectations! So real, so poignant, so revelatory, so God!
    Thanks for creating an atmosphere fueled by the Holy Spirit that touched us all DEEPLY and ETERNALLY! With gratitude, Jill

  23. Everything I’ve seen that you have posted is very helpful, thought provoking and full of the Holy Spirit. I talk about you and your posts and videos with my husband and it gets us thinking and praying. Thanks Lance!

  24. Wow! I’d love to have classes like this available where I live (Los Angeles)! My schedule doesn’t allow for me to go in October (I’m an educator).

  25. This message went to the core of my being in seconds! And just as the young woman was surprised, so was I, and found myself immediately confirming my passion, with tears streaming. Thanks so much for sharing the video clip. Great encouragement, as I find myself at new beginnings in my life.

  26. Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us. May you drink deeply of the Holy Spirit on His great feast!

  27. Seeing how she melted when talking about being the voice for those who don’t have a voice unlocked something inside of me. I now know that my number one passion is shedding light on unjust situations. What she said resonated fully inside of me because God gave me a dream about being that voice last night. Watching this clip gave me clarity on what I have been feeling.

  28. That was amazing Lance. Much like that other girl that you helped on stage who wanted to be a traveling journalist. You are a gift Sir. 🙂

  29. This is truly the stuff of life, when someone connects with who they are and what their calling is. This, through several other means, is what I now do and find it so fulfilling.

  30. Thank You Lance that video was awesome thank you for what you do thank you for allowing God to use you.

  31. WOW! watching this video even brought tears to my eye for the passion yet to be fulfilled in my life!! Thank you!!

  32. while this was touching it was not helpful to me or my husband. steps on how we discover our own passion would be helpful. Sorry just being honest.

  33. Lance, one word – A U S T R A L I A ?????? you know ‘the land down under, ‘ the great southern land of the Holy Ghost’ XXXX – Come on down XXXX

  34. God just recently poured out His Spirit on our family that brought us right into the middle of what He had for us. While my wife and I were on our date night we rolled up on a massive house and we felt the Lord say, “you forgot what you wanted but I didn’t”. So we are closing on our dream house 5500 sq ft, 7 bedrooms, 5 1/2 bath home….(we have 7 kids ages 18-4) in June. Sometimes God has to pull out a “suddenly” to remind us of what He has put into our hearts. Our journey is always connected to His design. I’m learning that what He wants for us is almost always connected to that design, and it is revealed in what makes us come alive. Sometimes it is buried under all of the woulds and shoulds and oughts that we can no longer hear it crying out. I am so greatful for God recently bringing you our way about 6 weeks ago in one of your videos about living your passion. I had my wife and all of my older children watch it with me and they were all in tears. Genuinely touched by the unearthing of the girls (sarah i think) passion while on stage in one of your seminars. Beautiful, simple, raw, permission to be on purpose, to obey our creators design. Thank you for sharing this approach to life with the rest of us. Not only is it prophetic in nature revealing what God purposes for an individual but maybe just maybe it reveals how we are meant to approach life. Listening not just to others, or a world that tells us what we should want, feel, do, buy, ect. but rather listen to our God, and trust our hearts as we submit what’s in them to the one that put it there in the first place. Thanks again we will continue to watch what God is doing in you and through you as you opperate in your passion.

  35. Yes! finding the passion. Thank you for using your gift to guide those who desire 10/10 living! I am inspired!

  36. I’m always moved when I watch your short little clips of people tapping into their passion!! It is amazing!! It is glorious! How can I have one of those moments? I keep reading and watching your stuff trying to figure out what is my passion and still haven’t had one of those moments. God bless you richly for being so generous in your sharing and imparting!!

  37. I would like for the light to come on within myself as it needs to for the set time has come, life is passing by quickly. I will be one year older tomorrow and I do not want to waist another moment fulfilling my passion.

  38. Lance you’re such a blessing to the body of christ. I share the same passion I see in you to help clarify other’s calling. I believe this is such a life changing topic to develop in the form of a movie, it will defintely be impacting.

  39. Lance, the video’s you send are inspiring and keep me in touch with what you are doing… keep’em coming. Hoping to join you sometime in Cabo. Training to do what you do… release the kingdom in people for 100x heaven to earth!

  40. Powerful, & thought provoking, I’ve learned that, before we can walk in the fullness of who God designed us to be, our consciousness, as in what we are conscientious about, must adjust to the new reality. This includes the new life in Christ, where it is an essential to speak from a place of new vision, where the passion flows with purity, as opposed to a place of wounded vision. The essence of you, will touch the area around you, the world/business/communications – is looking for different, & overcoming power, we are carriers of His presence, which in turn gives us presence, where we stand ….the competitive advantage. God bless you Lance & Annabelle Best Wishes.

    • Nice comments Emily you really get into the gritty stuff of the guts of the subject ..you a psychologist ( spiritual one at least !) ..write more ..
      I’m encouraged ..

  41. …and the best way to help the “little ones”…or “anyones”…or “all of us” is to tear down the strongholds that make more laws through fellow citizens we elect under the guise “to help” us all and then more taxes and less accountability….we can do this and help the world in need of imposing freedom on all. It is a 3 to 5 generations mindset…elect those that know real tyranny is lawlessness in the form of laws, slavery whitewashed in the form of liberty (what did it say over the gates of WW2 Camps?) and that today’s tyrants should quake knowing they will give account for their actions. Her passion is this…don’t let the enemy show you the drugs of man’s lawmaking go and be that point of light that will be seen by others until we all are seen. And think 150 year game plan!

  42. The moment the true passion was penetrated the heart broke forth ..great demonstration of what God has placed in us being released for all to see ..especially ourselves identifying our true passion so we can come alongside it and activate it and press on in practical life changing ways..go Lance !

  43. Greetings from Singapore Lance! We had the privilege of having you touching briefly on the passion list but this is what we need here too! We need to fire up people to dare to dream and step into their passion. When can you do one here?

  44. Awesome discovery! This reminds me of the other video of the young lady Sara wanting to be a journalist to bring justice to children. I’ve seen it many times. Great post Lance!

  45. Helpful! Timely. Powerful. Sharing with those in my sphere. Videography portraying her unique DNA from our Creator being unlocked and discovered within her, and surfaced so she can grab hold of it. Beautiful.

  46. this is soooo good. I can relate to the woman who has other lists on top of where the passion really is coming from. There are so many things in my heart that I get excited about. Where to go for the next season…I still do not know

  47. If she had found her calling in it, I would have expected her to turn toward Lance and say, that’s what I really care about. That would be the normal response. Instead, she burst into tears, an abnormal response unless there has been trauma. It seems more plausible that she just relived a traumatic moment of her life on the stage in front of a bunch of strangers. Are you suggesting (and I’ve heard this) that wherever you don’t heal from trauma is what you are supposed to keep doing in life? Because it sounds like hell.

    • Hi John, Firstly, you should not expect anyone to act any specific way due to the various way we have learned to express our emotions. There really is no “normal” way to respond. There is expansion and contraction in all of life — the process of growth. The young woman in the film clip is obviously very sensitive and perhaps has learned to cover her pain or push it deep into the recesses of her heart and mind. So the first step in the process, logically, is to have the knowledge — to see the light — the ah ha moment she experienced in front of a crowd — which emotionally choked her — maybe revealing to herself and us that no one was there to hear her speak or that what she said was not important in life — and this sort of spontaneous emotional release can be embarrassing, as well, if she has set up her personality to be a stronger, more bubbling one. The second step is to go to the root and bring it to the surface (which is what Lance is trying to teach us) — the where, when, how and why of it or who we are. The third step is to fix it — by NOT repeating it — by owning it and rising above it and not letting that position or issue be pushed down again and again. You don’t necessarily have to re-live the pain. You face it and you find a way to deal with an issue when facing it and handling it with the tools that teach you how to manage it or overcome it. Sometimes a few simple words back at someone can do this. It’s a process. When you confront, you get rid of, you release it. There is an emotion behind every disease, so this is a good exercise to find yourself — not just your passion, but the blockers that prevented you from becoming what God intended you to be. And in so doing, you also prevent the disease or illness from surfacing (Google emotions and disease or energy medicine). The mind is powerful and can twist and hide, but the heart only knows the truth — it IS God. Love IS God. Someone needs to embrace this courageous, tender hearted woman who obviously takes on the suffering of others, along with her own pain and lack of love and acceptance in her life. I would ‘imagine’ she is a healer in her own right — only she doesn’t know her full capacity yet. Please don’t judge her. Sometimes the emotions we hold are so strong that we cannot speak and the tears just pour out of us instead of the words.

    • I have never heard that b4, but something to think about. I can tell you (as a female) tears can be of joy also – if I would have been there and finally figured out what I really cared about I probably would have the same reaction. When I lived w/ trauma I shut down and never cried – now that the Lord has taken me thru much healing I cry tears of happiness often b/c I am so thankful to Him. But I do have a heart for kids and hurting people (like I was) and for people to know their purpose which is something I dont find easy to do.

  48. Wow! Wow! Wow! I felt her and immediatly cried thru the video! My husband and I are in the midst of another God ordained shift..we are not at the fullness of our destiney yet and in a way are still struggling with some clarity……..

  49. I love it when ppl find their passion; I have been searching for my passion and my talents – still unsure (at 50). I have gone thru many courses but still not convinced which is my true passion/talent.

  50. I have shared this particular clip and one other that is similar with family members. There is an expectation within us that is renewed accompanied by a greater clarity concerning direction for our individual lives I believe. This is a process.

  51. Not sure what even to say. But I saw me and I heard my heart through this woman’s voice. She was saying exactly what I’ve been trying to say for years. I knew it was in there, I simply could not give it the voice it needed to come out. I know that there’s more to this but this is a start in the right direction. Much love, Dr. Lance, much love.

  52. Thanks for thinking out of the box and teach others to do so in the name of God, when I started my walk next to the lord, I asked him for “relevancy” in order to explain others in my field of work, how God interact with our life and how we must know each mountain to know what the enemy is up to at the same time what’s our call, I ask the lord to guide bring it to my Latin communities, muchas bendiciones Doctor Wallnau

  53. Powerful how truth hits us in a moment of truth. The body and heart and mind always recognizes it when we hear it — be it from someone else, in a movie, or as we speak it in our hearts. Loved it. This philosophy is so true. That is because we are afraid of being criticized or laughed at or ostracized for our passions if they go against the norm or we are not “sheep” that follow the herd. My only negative comment is the volume was much too low for me and there was no way to turn it up on the video clip itself. My volume is set at its highest (for a small “netbook” unfortunately). 🙁

  54. Interesting clip ! I have been listening to Mark Chironna teaching concerning feeling and passion. This was an excellent live demonstration. Thanks……didn’t realize how much we have felt the need ‘not to feel’.

  55. Lance you’re awesome. Using your God given talents and gifts to free others and cause them to blossom, be fulfilled and used by Him. One thing that I thought about as I viewed the video was the age of the people in the room. It would be great to have a young adult or high school age group of people be a part of a seminar that would free and accelerate their identity when they are young before it gets lost and then has to be found later in life. I wish someone would have been there for me when I was in my teens and young adult years. It’s been a long hard life. It could even be a special ministry to the youth to get them supported and activated for God. Blessings…. Janet

  56. Thank you for sharing this important motivational insight into Ashley’s true passion. Her passion is felt, very revealing – touching our lives. You are Life changing. I feel the atmosphere being changed. May God bless you and your family.

  57. Thanks Lance,Great teaching, clarity and encouragement from the other side of the world.Rog Drummond Gold Coast Australia

  58. This is a wonderful release of revelation in her life.
    Thank you Dr. Lance for your ministry to others.

  59. What can we do to make these videos off line available? We want to share this story, but are not always able to get a connection to the internet. Our YouTube grabber isn’t able to catch the videos from you site because they are protected.

  60. My desire is to get to my deepest passion and focus all my energies on that. I want to know how to discover my deepest passion and then be able to help others come into the same revelation. Is there material that is available?

  61. I have been so finding this in my life. I love to draw people to believe in themselves and who they are and what God has given them to do and I recently discovered I was still not totally being honest with myself about what I truly want to do. God is now releasing me into it and I am creating video to launch and am working on my new profiles to declare it 🙂 Love the value you bring Lance and the dynamo your wife is in the team partnership you both have as you raise your kids and the rest of us to our destiny 🙂 Blessings!!!!

  62. This was one of the most powerful thing I have ever seen…getting to the core of what you are really called to do in life…….

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