A 3-Part Convergence Code™ Formula for “Killer Sheep”


Human nature likes to stay in the comfort zone. Being comfortable with the discomfort of divine s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g is what gives us accesses to the “divine nature”- and that’s the path of “convergence!” The Christian is becoming an endangered species in almost every aspect of American life (outside of church) because believers are totally fragmented and unaligned as a movement.

The wholesale collapse of culture is upon us as a relatively small part of the total population with secular and anti-Christian worldviews dominate the conversation. This small part has leverage because they occupy the high places of culture, most notably: politics, education, media and the arts.

Their strength is because of FOCUS and ALIGNMENT in the places that shape culture.

The 3-Part Convergence Code

Believers and Churches can only turn things around when they realize they need to be AS ONE! Currently, followers of Jesus are fragmented in 3 competing directions:

1. Purity From: This group says: “I don’t want to get involved with controversy. I am a lover of God and people and believe if we are more spiritual and become more supernatural things will change. I am staying in His presence till revival shows up.” The bride is making herself ready.

This is the Bridal Lover

2. Defensive Against: I am not going to let my country go down without a fight. I will move toward the sound of the trumpet, show up in the battle and wade into the controversy. This is the company that puts on the William Wallace war paint when necessary as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

This is the Prophetic Warrior

3. Relevant To: I am going to present a positive and relevant Jesus to the world and pick my position out carefully. This company has more public scrutiny and is often embarrassed by the eccentricities of revivalists and the perceived controversies created by culture warriors. “Taking thought for what is noble in the sight of all” is their motto.

This is the Wise Statesman

The problem is that all three have Bible verses to back their position, and all believe in prayer and evangelism and decry the erosion of culture. Still, none in and of themselves has changed a single city in north America while Islam, in comparison, is taking over nations and Asia is taking over our economy.

The Answer?  The prototype is David – a combination of ALL THREE: a radical worshiper, giant killer and king: A KILLER SHEEP!

In David we have a type of the last days move where the Lord returns as “king” for a “bride” with the “armies” of heaven behind him.

  • David- the Killer Sheep, was a musician and radical worshiper who knew how to access the anointing. Most Statesmen and warriors can learn a thing or two from worshipers who love lingering in Gods presence and thrive on seeing or hearing about a supernatural God who does signs and wonders.
  • David – the Killer Sheep, was a professional soldier, a Philistine terminator on steroids. We ALL have to suit up and show up at some point. Especially when public figures attack what is sacred and perversion is promoted by policy. The argument that ultimately endorses “the warrior” position is summed up in one name and two words: “Rev. Martin Luther King” and “Civil Rights.” The white church, for the most part, did not show up for this battle and the wound has fed a division between black and white church and politics ever since.
  • David – the Killer Sheep was the one whose pen wrote the inspired words: “rule in the midst of your enemies.” Religious leaders are playing too cute when they are less than overt in their faith. But many elected public figures such as CEO’s, Education officials and Politicians must be “covert” at times – advancing arguments based on principles rather than scripture quoting. The greatest model of this being Wilberforce, who from his seat in Parliament overturned slavery in Great Britain. Much of his battle was done by weight of moral and economic argument while believers applied social pressure from every side.

Kings are decision makers and influence shapers  Their assignment is to bring their sphere into alignment with what the Father shows them. Sometimes more like Ninja  sheep than anything else, these men and  women know when to be outspoken and when to exert quiet pressure. Remember that  nobody knew Esther was Jewish till she announced it and Joseph’s first business with Pharaoh was dream interpretation, not  circumcision.

A radical Reformation is rumbling in the land, but unlike the one that occurred in the 1500’s, this is not a Reformation of doctrine but a Reformation of practice. Like the first, it will shake the status quo.

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369 thoughts on “A 3-Part Convergence Code™ Formula for “Killer Sheep”

    • Hello Lance,
      Thanks for your transparency and work for the Kingom of Heaven & Yahweh, your leadership is greatly appreciated! Due to space, can u tell me what u know about St Germain Fund and correlation to Gadreel in book of Enoch being Lucifer? A friend sent a utube, a lady named Probably Alexandra who discusses this heavy topic. Here’s the link if you were to review, I’m more interested in knowing your thoughts & research. Thanks for always bringing Yahweh’s passion! Blessings to you and your family: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=syAomNcQNAA&feature=share

  1. Great post Lance. I’ll be forwarding it to a group of leaders Becki and I meet with once a month. The county Sheriff, our state representatives and other influencers here in the Great Pacific North West county of Whatcom.

  2. YES, Lance! Amen. You just articulated so well and brought clarity to an issue that I’ve been wrestling with for quite some time. What you said is right on! The church needs to come together if we are really to impact and change this nation.

  3. This post was an answer to my prayers! Thank you! This is a message that must be heard by all that call themselves Christian! You just put the Bride’s dress before her! My hope is that it is adorned in joy and peace to change the world! Bless you!

  4. The other day I was contemplating whether the phrase “Jehovah Ninja” was acceptable, and you sir, have indeed brought confirmation!

  5. The way you have formatted the new posts (video) and written is very helpful. Simply love the content and believing God to supply the resources to attend a live event. Thanks for the extreme value add this is…and the consistency of the posts is really a blessing.

    • im mama yoda same as warrior ninja! We need to be like Where IS the God of ELIJAH! Total Confidence as we Step into His Steps one at a time to Bring Back Authority into all 7 mountains and ungodly mountain leaders to LEAVE! up the Holy Spirit Ninja Warriors A SUPERNATURAL DIMENSIONAL GOD BREATHED AND INSPIRED GENERATION OF SERVANT LEADERS FROM ALL EVANGELICAL QUARTERS! DOING HIS END TIME EXPLOITS! In my humble view MEN. Women Warrior Prayers also backing THEM.

  6. Love this Thought PROvoking Teaching….Looking Fwd to Learning & Sharing, and Moving ‘As ONE!’…Yay!

  7. Hi Lance. I live in South Africa where I pastor a church and manage a retail store. For years I’ve been dreaming, meditating and planning around the convergence concept. Never knowing what to call it. Thanks for sharing your gift with is.

  8. Thank you so much for your “message in a bottle” ! I have been asking the Lord for direction. Do I stand and pray and worship Him and wait to see victory or do I go to battle??? I have always loved the Psalms and and the history of David which have given me hope and strength. Your visuals that you use along with your words help so much to put it in perspective! Once again Thank you!

  9. Thanks for the refresher Lance. The killer sheep are advancing The Kingdom because of the seeds you planted here. We are compiling a template that may be duplicatable. Exciting!

  10. I recognize the relevance of this understanding! While we house the greatest power of all we have manifested little. New strategies with corresponding action AS ONE is imperative! I am all in lets go!

  11. Good stuff to chew on. Some years back I began to study the ministries of Priest, Prophet and King. In the Old Testament there were David en Moses who had all three and in the New Testament ofcourse Jesus. Is this simular?

  12. Thank you for this depth of insight! It bears witness in my spirit. This morning I was meditating on the need for a redeemer kinsman and the cry of the heart in the church to awaken to their authority and rise up to take the land! Oh how the earth groans for the mature sons of God to arise.

    • Sandy agreed. If creation groans, eagerly awaiting the revealing of the sons of God, and the sons are those who are led his Spirit (Romans 8:14-19), then it is our own impotence and failure in truly being all that God wants us to be that keeps our world in destitution. Would that we would arise like David, Peter, Paul, etc, with passion, insight, wisdom, and miracles, really knowing the power of His resurrection (Phil3:10) and truly set God’s creation free. Keep pressing into Him my brothers and sisters.

  13. Dr. Lance, this video teaching is awesome! I wish more Christians would understand this combination, and I hope I can also be like this in my own life – a David that has a bridal devotional life, a fierce giant-slaying warrior prowess, and an elegant statesman-like mode that has the ability to impact those of highest nobility or education or political status. May more kings/killer sheep rise up!

  14. Doing my part in advancing His Kingdom – “As One”. Will the Church ever have a united front against the forces of darkness? The Church is much divided … but praise be to God, there is always the ‘remnant’. Gideon with just 300 men destroyed his enemy. With God, we don’t need the majority – we are on the winning team!

  15. I’m your biggest fan but I did notice I had to work a little harder to figure out how to apply this post. I definitely want to learn more though about how to be David in my time and how to encourage the body in this unity.

  16. This is a very concise video teaching of the “killer sheep” strategy! Dr. Lance every time I ‘m at your conference services I receive more and more revelation of exactly how when and where I should be implementing one of these three part strategies in breaking through into my convergence in my specific calling to ministry–and the strategy how to minister in the anointing of one of these 3 points when preaching or teaching.

  17. The first time this whole thing clicked for me was a Morningstar Partners Conference last year. I have heard you talk about this but it just clicked and this is the piece that made it click. He does deserve nations not. Just souls. He is the Majestic One and He is returning for the triumphant Bride who has made Herself ready.

  18. Thank you so much for helping us work towards unity. Look forward to hearing some practical ways we can achieve this unity.

  19. Asking God to blend me into all three – very helpful in fullfilling the destiny bfore me – Thanks- Blessing released! Rsie Bride of Christ-

  20. How can I more finely sharpen my point – what my message may be? You are truly equipping Gods called ones. Those who have ears, let them hear the Spirit of the Lord.

  21. What an ON TIME word of knowledge!!! Thank you for transparently sharing your heart & your wisdom! Greatly appreciate the way you minster God’s word!!! You’re making an impact globally!!! 🙂

  22. What an ON TIME word of knowledge!!! Received & applying the 3 step process!!! Thank you for sharing so transparently thru the Word of God!!! You’re wisdom is making an impact globally!!!

    • Oops, my apologies for posting twice! I got an error message on my 1st post & didn’t realize it had posted automatically!!!

      • Stephanie! Ha. Back in the old days we used to leave messages before the ‘beep’ and I sometimes needed 2 beeps and when really bad. 3 beeps.


    • Thanks Lance for bringing together what I’ve always thought as the three roles of the follower of Christ – to worship, to witness and to war. And David is indeed the best prototype – the”killer sheep”. Much blessings!

  24. Extreme Makeover indeed! The more we learn how to incarnate Him, authentically, in our unique sphere of culture, the more we witness transformation. Incarnation leads to transformation!

  25. I loved this, and agree! Although I am a woman, I say I am like David, “a Woman after Gods heart” a worshiper, a warrior and I will take my place on the mountain of the market place.

  26. Very well said! Thank you for sharing. Now for the hard part: How does this begin to really happen when we cannot even get churches to support one another for fear of a pastor ‘losing his people to another fellowship’? It breaks my heart. I have tried many times to bring the body together in this area and there is hardly any willingness between pastors.

  27. There’s no doubt about this – I am a Killer Sheep!… and it is mind boggling why soooooo many cannot see it. I believe we’ve got ALL we need in the Body of Christ to fast forward this story into it’s happily ever after, and you are right Lance – if we can only unite, focus and advance as ONE… WOW! The Caribbean is ready to hear this Lance, let me know when you are ready to come.

  28. This is very helpful. At first it would seem very difficult to be all three because by gifting, personality or temparement we would default to being only one. But in the end it will actually easier and more satisfying to be all three, and the only way is a great depth of faith.

  29. Hi Lance, Great blog. David is truly a compilation of all three aspects of the Christian life that we need to emulate today in order to overcome the evil agenda of the left and anti God society we not live in. Thank you for explaining the type of warrior like David we need to become. Blessings my brother, as one we will advance.

  30. Thanks Lance for making the issue about a fragmented church so clear! We need more solutions for how to be the solution. I forwarded it along to friends. As One!

  31. This definitely speaks to me I am in the middle of a transition for sure. And always looking for ways to fulfill my mission for Him. The reference to the skeletal system is helpful. Thank you Lance

  32. Thanks Lance,
    Yes please keep me updated with your thoughts and views which I find helpful and inspiring in the battle we wage against the principalities and powers at work here in UK too.

  33. Thanks Lance and company! This consolidates so many of your previous thoughts into a package that carries a wallop! I believe this is a galvanizing strategy and will awaken many whose perspective, conscience and faith need language. I appreciate you!

  34. Excellent – just one request – will you set up your blogs to be printable? Also, I would LOVE to attend your conferences but wish they were more local so I could afford to attend. God bless you!!!!!

  35. Love this blog, you are so gifted in putting the right words to what I am thinking, and feeling in my heart. I was at a conference and you were one of the speakers, and you had us do the “As One” prophetic act. Powerful!!

  36. Excellent points. Am excited to see how this begins to develop in greater measure for the Biblical/conservative voices in our country.

  37. I love your brilliant portrait of the killer sheep. Now I think we need one clear message that the killer sheep can focus on infusing into the culture. And only one message at a time. I think we’re ineffective because we’re barking out too many messages at once and even conflicting messages (God loves you but you can’t be gay). And all the culture hears is a reproductive-controlling, anti-gay hate message that’s too easy to reject.
    Jesus didn’t tell us to tell people not to get abortions and stop being gay, he told us to preach the Good News. I believe if we did just that one thing AS ONE – the Lord would sort out the rest.

  38. Thanks for saying so succinctly what I am sure many are feeling now. Prayer for revival alone is not the answer-we need to fight with all the wisdom in our rhetoric we can muster.

  39. It is great to be a radical worshiper, giant killer and king. But consider Daniel for a minute. It says in Dan 5:11 that he was a man of “light, understanding and wisdom”. All three are forms of wisdom which we need to tie the three elements of David together. We need God to shine His light so we will see things that have been hidden. Then we need to consider those things and obtain God’s understanding of them and what they truly mean. And we need the wisdom of a king to know what to do about the things we have seen and now understand. Wisdom is seeing, understanding and knowing — all from God’s heart.

  40. I know we’re in the middle of a shift, it started a few years ago. I’ve sensed it for a while now, I can feel it and at times I can envision it. Yet I’m still having difficulty totally accepting the shift. Primarily because it’s so very different from what I’m used to. I’ll keep pushing and, I know from experience, it’ll get easier.

    Keep up the good work Lance.

  41. I like what was said. It is time to get on going, have to break out of the church and go out into city and not be afraid. Our city dose not have it all together they need “Great” ” Wisdom”. By these info. it gives me understanting of what I, have been feeling. Breaking out and not to listen to your brother or sisters but what the Holy Spirit is telling one to do……………….Thank You

  42. Thanks Lance! I don’t always tell you but I do enjoy your posts and always find them refreshingly insightful. This is brilliant. I want to forward this to some of my friends who sometimes get sidetracked into thinking its ok to pull apart their fellow Christians who don’t think like them, or go into “heretic mode” instead of finding ways to come together as one.

  43. Jesus said we are to be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves”…Esther and Joseph knew how much to reveal and how much to share…The media is ripping apart Christian culture by exploiting the ones who do the dumbist things e.g. handling rattlesnakes, burning the Quran. This sort of activity shows a lack of Wisdom and presents the Ekklesia in a bad light….We must begin to walk in Wisdom from above in the present times…God will give this Wisdom liberally for the asking. “Christ has been made unto us Wisdom”…

    The Assembly must GROW UP…I am convinced there are no SUPER CHRISTIANANS: Just MATURE AND IMMATURE…It’s time to stop crying and messing our diapers…time to act like Overcomers willing to deny the enemy of Self…Of course this doesn’t happen overnight; a baby isn’t born full grown, but this was Apostle Paul’s cry: ..”Little children, I am in travail UNTIL I SEE CHRIST FORMED IN YOU’…Obviously, he was speaking to Christians, but they were not maturing “…unto a mature man, unto the measure of the stature of the FULLNESS OF CHRIST…Eph 4″…This implies a process, a path, a journey, seasons of the dealings of God…Once we enter the Gate(Jesus) we must chose the Path…the Narrow Path is the one Jesus suggests, but it is the more difficult path requiring the taking up of the Cross of self-denial and falling in behind Jesus…Dying to Live…

    Many are saved, but few are converted…We must MATURE to be a Witness for Christ in the earth…Christ “demonstrated” not just Truth taught will revolutionize the world… Just sayin’…

  44. Your message is so great and the way you pulled it all together with David – awesome. Sometimes it is overwhelming to me so I really liked what you said about how you could just start with three or four people. I like the thought of being a killer sheep!

  45. Hi Lance,
    Wow, and thank you. You have defined the issue facing the Body of Christ beautifully and I couldn’t agree more. Continue your great work.

  46. I give glory to God in you. Your information always received as truth and I admire your diligence in these days. I desire to align myself with your mission and welcome everything that you have to offer. Thank God and Bless You! Shalom!

  47. Thank Lance for your commitment to communicate as you celebrate the King and his here and NOW kingdom coming and the seven mountains message. We celebrate with you and find you and your message or great encouragement and your teaching helps to light the way for us all. May your day be well blessed. Bryan. Tauranga NZ.

  48. Yes!! Awesome post! I find that I alternatively function in each of these three categories. Now I know why I haven’t been very effective in doing so.

    Btw, my seven year old looked over my shoulder and said, “Killer Sheep. Good name for a rock band.” 🙂

  49. 1st I think the leaders of the church need to go back to the Bible for holidays they celebrate (Easter and Christmas come from paganism) b/c Christ may have fulfilled the spring feasts (and we are fulfilling, Christ being our example) but the fall feasts are a mystery to be revealed..Along that same vain, I think until we correct our doctrine (thru the revelation of the Spirit – “hitting the mark”) we cannot become like Christ, in his image – to be radical to change the world we live in.I always love your teachings and want to be a part of seeing my community, where God has planted us for now, changed. (but the lead in was about google and Easter and I think we need to battle to get back to the truth). I am also reminded of the scripture that God would not let David build the temple b/c of all the blood on his hands.

  50. This blog speaks to where my husband and I are right now…..we have always been worshippers and warriors. He is preparing us to be statesmen. We need more dialogue on this….God is speaking to us about Kingdom Government but we do not know anyone walking in it…..please send us more information.

  51. We have to become relevant to the culture… providing REAL answers to the problems that society faces. Interesting thing about Islam, 1st that it’s a corruption of Judaism and 2nd that it is a comprehensive world view that encompasses the family, government, religion, finances, education, arts, and media. Hmmm, sound familiar? Once Christians develop a comprehensive world view and walk it out we can begin to see transformation through the supernatural invading the natural.

  52. Lord ,help us to enter into this revelation, find our place in this movement, and move steady in your timing!

  53. Lance, want you to know you are right point. I’ve been following you now for the pass five years, and have been waiting with great anticipation on meeting you in person! However, until then i praise God for the blog and the ability to communicate until then. I look forward to all that The Lord has in store through this divine relationship.

  54. WOW!!!! When I see how other Christians relate to the world, I have been feeling like a person who dislikes her own family!!! I really like this Killer Sheep model. Maybe I am not back-slliden after all, just a matriarch of the Killer Sheep family!!!!!

  55. Lance, thank you for mentoring those of us who know in our hearts and spirits that we are called to the Mountains and are led to infiltrate the marketplace. 3 yrs. ago this word came to me and I began teaching a small group of like-minded young adults to be “killer sheep”. Without your teachings I would be convinced I was nuts!

  56. As usual, you’re very thought-provoking, Lance. Kathy is part of the bridal party, I’m a warrior. When (not “if”) the Lord unites our efforts AS ONE, the enemy will be vanquished! Blessings to you, my friend!!

  57. This article was very helpful in the way it sorted out kingdom-minded behaviors and how they influence culture. As a retired educator, I continually cycle through all three types of believer as defined above, but have some concern about the lack of influence now that I am in my retirement years and am around far fewer people. My circle has grown much smaller, but the influence potentially much deeper. I seize every opportunity I get to advance kingdom practice, but am often concerned that I’m not doing enough to create more opportunities. Your thoughts?

  58. Bill O’reilly said something similiar the other night. He said Christians needed to do more than just read the Bible concerning what is happening in America. We know we need to do more but there are times when you don’t know what to do, especially when you have children and grandchildren in your family going through some of these things and thinking it is okay because all of Hollywood and the media says so.

  59. Lance;
    I have been tracking with you for 7/8 years now. You gave me permission to use your 7M & Destiny by Design series @7 yrs ago as prt of the curriculum we are developing for the WyldeLife Institute at our regional missions base in Costa Rica. Our paths have crossed a few times over the years. The Cause 7 Mountain Conference at Morningstar, Dave Yarnes infamous man-cave, as well as various conferences at the church. I am sure we will connect much more as His Plan unfolds among the nations. Blessings & honor!
    brother cliff

  60. Your blog is great! I am really excited about what the Lord is showing you! It is exactly where I am at! Thank you so much! I look forward to your postings!

  61. Thank you! I needed this message today and you nailed it. Unity, unity, unity that is what it is all about. These three elements (worshipper, warrior and statesman) that fit perfectly with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As One!

  62. Hi Lance,

    Great word. It seems many of us have been involved in one or all of those streams at one time or another. So true that we need to bring them all together, but it is going to take a miracle! Unfortunately each stream continues to believe that they are right. I do believe that a seasonal shift has taken place, but until the body of Christ recognizes this shift and is willing to CHANGE, little change will take place. You see it in Brave Heart! Giving up your rights in order to impact the greater good of the Kingdom of God is a difficult thing to see happen. Just ask William Wallace!

    Keep up the great work, we are making headway!

    Believing for the impossible,

    Paul Taylor

  63. Killer Sheep – great analogy Lance! – next question is how do I make the transition from sheep to Killer Sheep and take people with me through the transition?

  64. Great blog brother!! Wow ……love it!!! Agree and believe that the Lord is bringing us into PERSONAL convergence right now (is that the rumbling you and now we are hearing?) and ultimately into CORPORATE convergence. As we PERSONALLY prepare (as David did) and take action in this place of “transition” (a personal bootcamp of sorts for believers all over the world) then we will be ready for the CORPORATE convergence. My first thought was how can this type of “as one” unity span the country or the globe. But as you said, there is a “rumbling”; a preparation is taking place in the hearts and lives of believers all over the world. It’s headed up by the Father….He is in control!!! I know I personally have been growing stonger and towards convergence for ten years or more……and recently it has become somewhat exponential. My learning has been sped up; my capacity has been enlarged; my understanding has broadened. Through the testing and through the fire, I am aquiring a strength I never knew was possible (Killer Sheep strength) and right now it’s a “tucked in” strength that even I have not seen the full of it….but it’s “a knowing” that it’s there. I am different, but have no idea of the full capacity of that strength and probably won’t until I am put into a position to act in faith. (The Bible says we will go from “strength to strength”……again, is that part of the “rumbling” that you and now we are hearing?) A few years ago the Lord told me He was going to give me 7 tools that would thrust me into my destiny. I believe that You are one of those tools. I have studied your teachings over and over as I will with this blog until I have a deep understanding in my spirit. Cause as Graham Cooke says in his British brogue, “I want it, I want it, I want it”. I have to have it!! My spirit is hungering and thirsting for truth and justice. I know that if I will continue study and show myself approved that when the time comes to act……I will be ready!!! I believe that you are a gift to the body of Christ bringing truth. And the other day I was asking the Lord, “Lord why have I been so drawn to this particular group of teachers (of which you, Dr. Lance, are one) over the past 2 years”? The Holy Spirit spoke loud and clear…..because they are “true fathers” and have a “father’s heart”. Finally, I believe that many believers are being drawn by the Holy Spirit to these “fathers of the faith” and what they/you are teaching. He is giving us that “desire”. As Bill Johnson says, “de” means of, and “sire” means father. He goes on to say that all “desire” either comes from “God the Father” or the “father of lies”. This is a passion or a “desire” for truth and justice given by God the Father that has drawn believers to these “tools”/”gifts”/”teachers” such as yourself…..yet another convergence!!!! I hope that this comment will encourage you and inspire you and literally pull out of you all that the HS intends for you to share and teach. And may He refresh and bless you and Anabell beyond what you can ask or think!!!!

  65. It is the greatest time to be living in… good blog. —- all you need to do is get with the Lord, hear from Him and do it.. pray and talk to those in whom you can trust to arise and STAAAAAY awake… then move out of your box and pass on to whom ever He sends you to… AS YOU STAND YOU WILL MAKE A MARK THAT IS LASTING—— GO Shalom, Gail Ann

  66. When you speak of “As One,” I always see the scene from Finding Nemo, where Dori and Nemo are caught in the net with all the tuna. All were in chaos until Nemo called out to “Swim down! Everybody swim down!” The only way they could break free was to “swim together.”

    Likewise, we who follow Jesus must all “swim” in the same direction in order to get free of the cultural “net” that our country is currently caught up in.

    I guess that makes you “Nemo”? LOL

  67. Hi Lance! Great teaching on what we need to do as Christians to change our world…same as what you taught in Owosso. I wish you had been on BIll OReilly last night because he mentioned that Christians are losing the argument against gay marraige (in the public eye) because they are only approaching it from a biblical standpoint and not a secular one. I’d love to see you present biblical/secular points in a national forum to help people understand how destructive gay marriage is for our nation. As I promised, I will continue to pray for you! May God bless you and keep you my friend!

  68. I really enjoyed the video blog. The wisdom I received from Lance is helping me to be better prepared for dreams (promises God has given me to be realized).

  69. Yes, yes and YES!!! I am a KILLER SHEEP! As One for His Glory!! Thank you for this wonderful insight! I’m sharing, for sure!

  70. I will continue to read your blog because at 66 I still don’t necessarily know how to “Be” Christian in today’s world. Once at Quantico, VA, we studied David. The man definitely was passionate and, it seems to me, his life was lived knowing that he was passionately loved by God. In addition, he knew God. God grace us to do likewise.

  71. Thanks Lance I first heard killer sheep in Ohio at Global celebrations missed not having it this year and unfortunately missed you at Harrisburg but loved what I got to see of that conference. Keep this coming I really need it so do we all. I lost my job last year a little over a month after that conference was un employed from end of June till Dec. 7th (beleive it or not) I can’t help it even my sister looks at me funny when I bring up that out of the blue I got a call from someone I had previously interviewed with and was offered one of the jobs I had not gotten originally. My job is with an agency that provides home health care to people in the state of WV and a little of Ohio and I am the trainer (being a registered Nurse) for 7 northern counties in WV. I know I can write the material better than what we have to bring it up to date and realign the flow of the teaching ie. each part building on the one before. i have begun notes and strategies on this but Pearl Harbor Day to get a job? What was God sneak attacking me the agency the devil what I love it when He does this stuff or maybe that is why He chose it. Like I said before I started rambling here keep it coming. Thanks again Heavenly Father give that special something that is locked o the inside of Lance and his ministry and all those in his sphere of influence that you have placed there that only you know of, give them that gift that only you know they will love and has come from you with out a doubt. In Jesus name Amen

  72. Loved what you said, Lance.
    I want to be a killer sheep; however, not sure how. Don’t feel I’m in the right place to be all three: Bridal, Warrior, King. I’m in a job that certainly doesn’t make a difference in the scheme of things or a dent necessarily in the Mountains. So, now I’m frustrated.

  73. Thanks Lance you describe Australia perfectly also. This is so true of this time in history. I have been praying for a Godly leader for us. I also hope a visit downunder is on your list.

  74. This is good. We need to be the people at the top that influence the world. Keep up the good work and help to get us to the pinnacles. Thank you.

  75. Thank you, Master “Killer Sheep”. Thank you for sharing truth and action points for this time. Many Christians are following different flavors of Christianity and you are on point about being scattered. Only a DAVID like lifestyle will affect the Kingdom for Jesus. SIgn me up as a “killer sheep. I want to develop my faith and know there are many more pursuing the traits of worshiper , warrior traits and you Mr. Wallnau, is helping us get there with the leading of the Holy Spirit.

  76. Great evaluation on a puzzling issue. With all the books on leadership, the big dilemma within the Christian community remains a lack of solid leadership. Your work is helping us make progress in addressing that problem. God bless your efforts!

  77. Awesome just awesome teaching, Mr Killer Sheep himself. It confims what my spirit man has been seeking, to be a prayer(worshipper warrior) is the mentality required for these times. Sign me up for this pasture because I want to serve my SHEPHERD.

  78. GREAT SHARING…!!! so TRUE ..COMBINATION OF 3 POWERFUL GODLY GIFTS..AS ONE !!! we can INFLUENCE communities n nations.
    thank you . GOD BLESS.

  79. Conformation – this is the 3rd time in a week I have heard a teaching on David, he is certainly a key we must not miss. Thank you.

  80. Great teaching…I always enjoy what you bring to light and appreciate you sharing it with us…the body of Christ…..Thanks!

  81. Your an inspiration and right in line with your assignment !
    Keep inspiring and motivating the Christian community (and i am sure many secular folk)
    Thankyou and blessyou

  82. This is so good and so needed. Change is a good thing and we must embrace whatever Father wants us to learn so we can be prepared for our future. We all want the same thing. For it to be done on Earth as it already is in Heaven and to bring His Kingdom into its place here on earth. People are perishing everyday, that matters!

  83. Loved it, Lance. I so sense the change that is moving. God’s continued blessings on your work. Thank you.

  84. Lance, thank you for bringing it together. I have actually struggled with trying to understand ‘which way’ is God’s way. Recognizing that all three giftings are to be united is a very impowering move forward for me. Love your teaching, thank you for making it available to us.

  85. I agree the KEY is TEAM efforts AS ONE. i suspect the revelation of the micro-church will be a dynamic answer as each member of the Body finds their place and activates their potential. Roger

  86. Dear Lance, thank you for sharing the downloads that you are given. Every time that I listen to you, I thank God for the insight, revelation and wisdom that you share. As I listened to this blog on the bride, the warrior and the statesman….it made me sad and happy. I wondered why it has taken this much time for unity and understanding to come to the Body of Christ. I have been a hungry Christian for over 40 years and use to just want to escape in the rapture. Now, I do want HIS kingdom to come….right now.
    Thank you Lance….I will be faithful to pray for you.

  87. Right on! before you said we needed to be all 3, I was saying that why can we be all 3. Loved the sketches but most importantly the content. We need to get over our differences and our Christian lingo, and talk to people in their language with the principles Jesus taught us.

  88. Lance I am in full agreement that the body of Christ must rise up as prophetic warriors; these are sons of God who will fight for their inheritance, that will know and hear God’s words and will speak them in the earth realm to bring the Shalom of God, giving Him all the glory

  89. Amazing! You were in my dream last night And I found that rather interesting! In a room with people I did not know except for you. You were smiling & engaging the mass of people & voila! I receive mail from Lance Learning, later this morning tap into your Blog & get blessed with this ‘teaching’ on raising
    “Killer Sheep”. I’m always so elated with your teaching approach & the wisdom, Intelligence, witty & colourful flavours that come with who you are. You, Annabelle & your children are a precious blessing to The Body of Christ. I believe there will come a day when the Lord will arrange that my family & I get the privilege to attend your seminar/conferences in Singapore. Much Shalom & love, Yvonne

    • Lance I enjoy your leading, which I think strews us up. Heb. 11:6 Gods is a rewarder of those who diligently seeks him. So he has closed the door on those sheep who doesnt seek him, but they are really looking for a pasture or a city put on a hill, to enter into. They go from one to another looking for one which has Gods hedge around it which blesses, feeds and protects, ect. They dont find it so the keep looking for a Son of God to manifest, who are these cities. They are the strong that care the burdens for the weak, they do this by truly believing Gods word and walking on it as Jesus did walking on the water, his word will holds us up above all badness in the world. He told Paul my graces is sufficient enough, he has a word that will cover all our needs. The sheep dont know and believe all his promises, so they are looking for someone to do it for them.

  90. Thanks Lance. My suggestion for content is not just revealing or explaining, (which you do very well), but find a way to measure the “results” or integration of that content into the lives and groups.
    Comments: Christians as a group or as individuals are easily marginalized by outside influences. This drives the ineffectiveness of Christians influence. This is a culture and character deficiency that cannot be solved by a new “movement”. Most people experience and believe that unity or oneness is when they “understand” together as one. True unity comes when they “practice” as one and then achieve the intended results. Measure by results. “Alignment” is based of purpose and “focus” is a result of “practice”.
    Reformation in an individual, church, business or other area of life comes through “disruption” of the status quo. Oneness is required to endure the “disruption” to see a society, culture, politics, the church re-formed. Most people do not want “disruption” because it requires taking responsibility and suffering. But in the end it’s all worth it..:)

  91. I love that there is a bigger picture that was in the heart of the Father and the Spirit of revelation is opening our eyes! The church is stepping into their greatest role of bringing heaven to earth and supernatural encounter with love and truth into every sphere of influence! Thanks so much for challenging us to see what heaven had destined before time!

  92. Wow Lance, that is just pure dynamite! I would not have been able to even follow you, had I not come to a point in my life (after about 25 years in a good baptist church) that I realized that this “christianity” was not working for me. The devil was whipping me everyday. That is when I heard the message of the Kingdom! We are made to take territory and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. Praise Jesus! I’m just so excited, but I can’t find anybody around me that thinks and lives like this. Thank-you for sharing, Henry

  93. Thanks for equiping worshippers warriors to make a difference in the world in everyfield of society to be the light of the world. Shalom from France

  94. As kings and priests unto our God ( Rev.5:10 ) christians need to recognize the shift in culture from “church” to “ekklesia” as conveyed in the message of Jesus to Peter in Matt.16:18 Note that kings have the duty of making laws and priests also make culture.

  95. Good word Lance. But good luck on bringing the church in the U.S. together. I don’t see that happening until she is under a good amount of persecution. Until then we need to preach and teach this stuff so the church will at least know what to do when that time comes.
    Your diagnosis of the situation and the factions within the church is quite good and helpful. Thanks for the post.

  96. Excellent Lance! Great blog and video as well! Love the revelation and strategic components you are sharing and challenging us with – We truly need a concerted heart and at the same time maintain a uniqueness that allows all of us to have an individual expression of how God designed each of us to manifest His glory as a Bride/Warrior/Statesman. Blessings!!

  97. Our biggest challange in the BODY of beleivers is joining AS ONE working together for one common goal. Lance you always REV us UP

  98. This message is radical and will no doubt it offend some of the”older heads” . I saw you on TBN with a well known evangelist.I have been in dozens of his meetings. You began to tip over some “sacred cows” but you were right. You very gracious even after he cut you off. Thanks for your work and revelation. It bears witness with my spirit and the word. Gods people through the ages were the best because God was with them.I like the part about Joseph interpreting dreams.. not arguing over circumcision.

    • I’m glad to know someone else saw that. The two times I saw LW on TBN the hosts were not that good. One host didn’t have a clue the other host cut the interview short.

  99. Amazing teaching! You articulated will the 3 areas and how we should work together. I had the opportunity to be apart of the lead team that brought together the day of prayer that Rick Perry called in Houston at the Reliant Center, called The Response USA. One of the most disappointing thing about the event was how fragmented the church as a whole is. After Houston, we had a chance to take The Response, call to prayer, to many other states. Only to see more of the same. I agree with you, unless we all start moving in one direction, as one, then the impact of the church will continue to be limited. I can not wait to see what the church can do as one! Thank you again for today’s teaching, it was very encouraging. I will definitely forward this on.

  100. These are great thoughts Lance. I truly believe that there are actually individuals that God is raising up with all three qualities running together in them and that the church as a whole is waking up to see that we truly are a body and that we truly do need each other to establish His kingdom here on earth. Thanks so much!

  101. Exercising these three aspects of the ‘body’ is unity and we all know that unity is where the blessing flows. Jesus said as I and the Father are one I want you to be one also (from memory-you’ll have to look it up). There was also a mention of glory which is power to us from God to reach our potential in where He has placed us or as Lance says, within our ‘sphere of influence.’

  102. The more I’ve thought about this today, the more I begin to simply feel the question, “HOW?” come to me. How do we get the body to unify? How do we shift mindsets so that people see we must begin to honor those we don’t agree with? How do we get people to see that we must join together and quit tearing each other apart?

    • Thank you Lance for this timely and much needed message, both personally and corporately. I have felt so frustrated with church which is more like a social club and not what I signed up for. Since finding and watching your videos on YouTube, I have felt a new stirring in my spirit and a hope for change.
      The analogy of the Killer sheep certainly resonates with me. It’s definitely what we need to move forward as one by the grace of God in the power of the Holy Spirit.
      Thank you Lance for your faithfulness to God and obedience to His call on your life. May you know His continual blessing and hand on your life.

  103. Wow! Thank you Lance! You have put it all together so well. Now I have some direction and peace in my soul. It was all a gumbled frightening mess to me. Plus my bridal friends would be a little upset with my warrior stance and I was a little confused about where I am supposed to stand in all that I see happening to our country! Do I do like they do and just throw flowers and kiss everyone or do I call people to war! haha! I so love your wisdom and seeing the big picture! I felt powerless in my lack of direction in what to do, say or how to have an impact on our society or even how to think about and to know what direction we should be going in and how to pray about it. This gives me hope! Bless you brother!

  104. YES!!! Again, this is so timely!! Sending to my pastors and friends!! It is SO IMPORTANT that we are AS ONE but often we miss the mark when we are focused on only one of the attributes of the Killer Sheep!! YOU NAILED IT, LANCE!! Thank you!!!!

  105. I believe Lance hits the nail right on the head. We can learn from the opposition and with Christ’s help we can be better than we are, a sharper instrument in God’s hand, and a brighter and more clear light to those around us blinded by the darkness of the enemy!

  106. Lance, loved your demonstration of the three rivers. combining the three, my mind went to the sons of Issachar, they not only knew the times and the seasons!! But they knew what to do in the times and seasons. Im curious as to your thoughts on this in relation to bringing all three forms together, I completely agree on the balance and alignment aspect its crucial . Thank you!!

  107. I love your teachings. Have been praying for The Lord to open up ways to gain territory in our city. We now have a Christian schriff, two judges in the court system and school principals asking the church to aid in making changes. God is faithful if we ask the right requests from Him.

  108. Excellent! Now if I’m in one of those 3 categories? How does one get out of and into the Killer Sheep mind set?

  109. As usual brother Lance, you are a refreshing spring of prophetic insight. The Priest, Prophet, and King connection (thank you David Groos) was helpful for me as well.

  110. Lance is so right on. I remember the first time I ever heard him speak in Austin, Texas at Texas Ablaze and then at the KEYS business conference. I heard and saw revelation coming to the body.

  111. Thanks Lance! Very good teaching. Confirming & inspiring. Concise and clear. My husband & I were just talking about the shift taking place today and then I saw this email come through. Definitely been in transition. Wanting to step more fully into all of this.

  112. Hello Dr. Wallnau.

    I have always enjoyed listening to your prophetic fresh approach and insight to church and kingdom issues. My wife and I have many similar concerns and prospectives that do not seem to get relief until we connect with your 7 Mountain presentations on TBN or your web site. We have a calling on our lives, beyond traditional church,with a prophetic/apostolic inspiration. However we do not have a clear map on how to define this calling into an organized function, through these gifts. Your convergence revelations is another message that has given me some clarity on where we are as God is processing us in our assignment. I recently read an article in Time magazine (March 25, 2013) that seems to support your insights on our Kingdom assignments. Please give us your prospective on this article in light of your challenges to the Body of Christ to function in the 7 M’s. Here is a excerpt of that article.
    Evangelical Protestants, for their part, are accustomed to looking outward: a key element of their identity is their sense of obligation to share their faith. Yet given the general hostility toward joining particular denominations — including theirs — they feel a new urgency about their mission. “The evangelical movement in America in the 21st century is going to be forced back into the Book of Acts,” says Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s flagship seminary. The world of Acts, it should be recalled, was one of hostile cultural forces, ferocious witness and missionary zeal. Seminaries will spend more time teaching the ways and means of what’s known as prophetic ministry, the disposition of pastors to speak out to the cultural tenor of the times.
    While there’s no doubt that the idea of newly aggressive evangelizing is driving much of the discussion in traditional religious institutions, whether the America of the early 21st century will respond is another question. With typical pungency, G.K. Chesterton once said that “the Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried.” Putting traditional Christianity back into clinical trial in the culture is precisely what the new evangelists are seeking to do.”

    Thank you Dr. Wallnau for having such a fresh prophetic insight that challenges us “beyond the four walls of the church”. You have been a tremendous blessing to us!
    Ministers William and Monica Abernathy

  113. Yes I agree that we need all these 3 aspects to become killer sheep
    and to effect society with Gods mandate for this hour.
    I want to become one of these to be effective in this hour in establishing Gods kingdom on the earth

  114. Love the “Killer Sheep” and am convicted to pray into and walk out the attributes of King David! Go Lance! Thanks for offering these blogs. We, my husband and I, can’t make the conferences this year, but Lord willing next year we’ll be there! God Bless!

  115. This was amazing… Having come out of a transgendered life almost 10 years ago, I am thankful for this message. When I first came into God’s household I had everyone pulling at me every which way to speak out on the gay marriage issue and it led to much frustration… This has put a new prospective on how not to stay silent…. Thank you.

  116. Thank you for this blog. I agree 100%. My friends and I are focusing on the business mountain here in Manila since the time you visited us.
    God be with us!

  117. Thank you for your wisdom. It is a help to put things in focus for everyday living. Thanks again. Praying for you.

  118. Ilike how you expounded upon the three characteristics (Bride, Warrior, Statesman) and tied them together in the image of David. That’s good teaching, Really helps me understand the point you’re making. Thank you.

  119. Thank you. I need the encouragement to not get stuck in one stream. I like how you see from such a global perspective.

  120. The religious community seems to unite over trivial things like buying chicken at a restaurant on a particular day.

  121. If you are interested in becoming killer sheep, I highly recommend Lance Wallnau’s Level 10 Trainer DVD series. I got Level 10 Trainer last month. My family and I have seen results of implementing principles taught in the Level 10 Trainer. Killer sheep need killer training. David had the backside of the mountain tending his daddy’s sheep. We have Lance Wallnau’s Level 10 Training. Thank you Lance.

  122. Exactly what I need. Thanks Mr Wallnau for bringing it together. My thoughts and passion get me stirred up but you help bring FOCUS! Thanks – keep it coming!

  123. Really refreshing presentation. Wisdom is the principal thing as Proverbs states. Thank you for your insights. Helena

  124. This is great! I have had these three groups fighting with each other in my mind, and this has given me clarity. I don’t think I am a lot different than Paul. We need to see ourselves out there doing what David did, or Esther. God is setting the stage while we audition for the greatest show in history!

  125. I so gladly receive your message in a bottle blog, it is a welcome and exciting and timely instruction from the Lord! Yes, more about getting out of the church buildings, and into the various “fields of life”, in all our diversity, the Body of Christ … UNITING, CONNECTING ourselves with the Head (Jesus Christ our King), ALIGHNING ourselves with Him and with each other! Very exciting season we’re in!

  126. Lance,
    You are talking about a mighty convergence of individual streams in the Church body. We need all three for the breakthrough to happen. I believe we are seeing this on a very small level, but it is starting to increase in the Body. I want to be a sheep killer.

  127. Grace Theological Seminary 97 MDiv – CPE candidate 2013@
    PR GRR (Summer Unit); NEXT
    Rom12: 14-21 & Culturally13:1-2

  128. lANCE I have enjoyed all your teaching, this comment is for you and all of us for concideration.
    We are living in this world in” TIME “, using silver and gold as our means of doing everything we do. The kingdom of God operate in the “NOW” where time doesn’t exist anymore, where silver, gold, education, strength and saving has no means in it. The powers that operates in the KINGDOM, and “that remains”, are only what you create, that is love and what ever is good, for what ever you create that is not in love or that which is bad, will be cast back down to the earth level, just as the evil angels was. The powers which operate in the kingdom, is done through the powers of the SPIRIT, decreeing a thing and it will come to pass ( would recommend speaking only Gods promises, for they are his will for your life ), in the SPIRIT, believing in faith, becomes your will, your will then come to pass, in the SPIRIT, making measures that will come back to you increased. These all materialize in the earth, in your time ( always believing that you operate in the NOW ), which cause them to come to pass right now, ( just as Jesus did in all his works ), coming from a place where there is no time. When you start operating in the KINGDOM, you start the operation of the restoration of all things in your life, when we all walk in it, then will come to pass the ” restoration of all things “.

    We then are living in the eternal, where there is no more, a end of time, which makes you timeless, ( only living in the time of now ), where there are no more death. Decreeing a thing, ( it is in the now ), believing a thing, ( it is in the now ), and measuring anything, ( it is in the now ). In the NOW we are above all things in the earth and all things in the earth are subject us.


  129. I could eat stuff like this everyday! Lets mobilize the Killer Sheep ~ a Davidic Warrior Statesman Bride and transform the world As One!

  130. makes sense great to hear that. Time for this to be heard, maybe will clear up some confusion and help us realise our unique, significant, relevant roles in the body of Christ ! .

  131. Lance, Blessings my brother. I have not arrived, but I have left. The joy is in the journey, most of the time. I am thankful for your God given insight and wisdom. Keep up the good work, Jesus is Lord.

  132. According to the US Government, Christians are the new terrorists along side radical islam. Oh how far we have fallen from the founding fathers of this country. The church is coming under pressure from all sides with some elements being labeled as “hate” groups. It’s time to praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. The ruling class would be very happy to see Christians either exterminated or sent to re-education camps. The question we must ask ourselves is “are we going to go quietly into the night” like the Jews in Nazi Genmany? The USA is turning into an authoritarian police state (Fascism). What are your thoughts?

  133. I always enjoy your posts for the Christian business person, and the energy you impart for those of us who are so encouraged by your insight! I pray for you guys, and hope all that are refreshed by you are doing so also!
    …The main concern I have is that the “world” may be overtaking us in some of the mountains because we have put to the side one of the greatest commands Christ gave us in our standard business as usual. The reason is NOT sin, merely ignorance…..I am talking about the concept of giving to those around us without any agendas for payback. I was guilty of this. I give generously in a great many ways – in church arenas – but business is business, and I don’t want to appear a “flake”, so I tend to be cautious. Have you read GIVE AND TAKE by Adam Grant? Interesting…provokes me to jealousy :)….also THE GO-GIVER by Bob Burg and David Mann….Seth Godin wrote some stuff, and Seven Levels of Communication by Michael Mayer is a popular one.(…more titles, if you want them…) Of course, this may be from a small business standpoint, but in Matthew 25 one was given 5, one was given 2….I believe we have seen those in big business prosper, but not the move of small business we should. I think we need to readjust our theologies to the NOW of what God has for us in small business. If the ‘world’ is having a measure of success here, there needs to be – what my Irish granny would say – an uprising of Christians who don’t have to change everything they know to flow in this place, but need to reFOCUS to outside the “church” too.
    I’m jus’ sayin’ Bless you totally, Brother.

  134. Loving the information….in launch phase of an enterprise; scared spitless and yet compelled to make it happen, and not familiar with any biz-models similar…yikes! Thanks for the insights!

  135. Incredible teaching. As a Founding Pastor, a Worship Leader and CEO of a CDC. I relate and I totally agree. Thanks for helping me understand my leadership team better. I understand now why we bump heads, but more importantly I think I see better now how cause us to move AS ONE. Man, I’m gona’ have to send you an offering for this. Thanks!

  136. I’m IN!! Awesome teaching! I’m a KILLER SHEEP! (I love that!) actively seeking to covertly influence the global corporate domain with God’s truth. My platform is OneHealth, Global Health, stakehold theory, and Boundaries for Leaders (Cloud). Ethics driven economics and neuroeconomics are my slingshot and three stones to influence corporate leaders and win their hearts for The Kingdom. I want to know where the other KILLER SHEEP meet, connect, support, encourage and pray for one another. Please contact me if you’re a KILLER SHEEP too! 🙂

  137. Nice to be visiting your blog yet again, it has been months for me personally. Well this article that will I’ve been waited for way too long. Great webpage brother My business is gona inform this to all my friends and acquaintances. The information you shared through your post will be functional. I admire your function. Wish you all the luck for your blogging efforts.

  138. Hi, Lance, Deb, A. Belle or who ever reads this:
    Stumbled across this. Excellent teaching on the “killer sheep”. Have shared it with me people.
    I hope u r all well. ” Looks” so to me.
    GAYLE (O’Donnell) THOMPSON

  139. A friend of mine sent this to me and it is interesting. I find that I have been all three in my life time, but life, age and circumstance has got me in a place of ignoring the second to stay sane and not kill myself. Having to borrow money to survive and going back to school in my 50s has also gotten me in a place as a therapist that I have to be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. However, i agree and have pretty much agreed with this idea in part for a long time. The political machine is very aware of how to pull the heart strings of all camps. There are those who value taking care of the poor and are blind too more sinister issues going on in the socio-political arenas of culture, and are less educated toward culture and history, and the left pulls their heart strings. Then there are those who are more politically savvy and less educated who are pulled by the right but help to make right look crazy, and others who are pulled by the right who actually vote. Being in my mid-50s I have seen and been a part of many elections throughout my life and my parents lives. In my opinion we need more on the right who are statesmen and stay away from the Bible with their arguments, because we have a culture who believes in God and morality but are uneducated biblically and historically and don’t understand the times but are well meaning in their vote. The homosexual agenda began it’s power in the 60s with the civil rights movement and has been coat-tailing it ever since until it has become main stream pulling on the hearts of families. I think most educated people understand that there is a difference between political and religious spiritual culture except for many on the right in power. I don’t have a problem with homosexuals or anyone else having all the freedoms that any American has until it begins to affect culture in a negative way. I used to eat my lunch at a particular park a couple years ago until one day as i was eating lunch there were two large lesbians making out on the wall in front of me, with children playing in the park. What people don’t think about is this will soon be common if something doesn’t change. My thought was I wouldn’t want my grandchildren to see that. Lance you made some basically good points, but I believe we need people in power on the right to find points that will be common to people of all the folks, like the democrats did in the 60s, non-boblical but biblical principles that the culture can swallow. Many mature Christians that I know are turning more toward Libertarianism because of the greed and stupidity of the Republicans in power. I feel like politically we are in a time when those in the political arena are a reminder of Jesus’ words when he said the children of this age are wiser than the children of the kingdom in things of the world. It’s time for politicians to be wise as serpents, and gental as doves when thinking about the public.

  140. Unity is key, and you’re right about too many conflicting agendas in the church and even conflicting agendas within the different mountains and the believers within. What struck me is that though we are called to different mountains, the power is when the believers in EACH mountain unite around an issue and use their resources and influeunce to change the course of the nation around that issue. BUT, who are the leaders or what voice within in the church has enough universal influence and acceptance to unite believers in all mountains and of all denominations behind a single issue? With the arts/entertainment media culture shapeing tools crafting the message and reaching the masses and youth, business finances and political influence as the engine, politicians to write legislation and vote we can turn the national tide. ONE victory of that magnitude and unified success would awaken the church to what is truly possible in our nation and culture. But, are there enough issues around which even the denominations would unite? Abortion? sex slave trade? Are there enough leaders in high enough places submitted to truly global and kingdom mindsets instead of financial or personal agendas to have this conversation and get traction? Lord, let it be so!

  141. “Thank You” Lance, this was very straight forward, understandable and soo true,it is where all the division in the Church gets its leverage from

  142. Im so blessed by your teachings, just as of oct of 2011 god took me to new york and said go pray on wall street, world trade center and go to where george Washington prayed to pray for the economy of this nation… you see my dream had died in business i now was an intercessor but god after i came back from new york opened my eyes and said you are of the zebulum tribe which were called to the trade markets and to break wickedness off trade structures as well as to multiply…he told me to study the bull ..but indoing so he revealed that my greatest enemy was mammon (greed) so he showed me my field was business ….i have been so set free …God has now led me to your teachings and wow….praise god..im praying for you and i want to support your work and ministry …God Bless Kim Kay

  143. I agree with laying the blame at the door of the church for the condition this country is in. Most Christians are FAR from what we need to be based on the example of Jesus. No wonder people are flocking to Wicca and Islam, supposedly the two fastest growing religions in the USA. Because of us we now live in a culture that is hostile to Christianity.

  144. This confirms what God revealed to me yesterday. Please continue to send more. In unity, God will be victorious.

  145. Now that brings clarity. I have had revelation on my mountain being the Church but am just experiencing my relationship to the business mountain and finding success. Why? I’m very bridal oriented on the Church Mt. but more a warrior on the business Mt. I need to discern when to move as one or the other regardless of the Mt. Did that make sense?

  146. There is a strategy i see which is to activate those people. Got the download in May 13. Would appreciate to get in contact and share. Here in germany you already can see this starting and going on. the strategy is only to give fire and support to that, cause its born by the spirit and not by man!!

  147. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve visited your blog before but after browsing through a few of the
    articles I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m certainly delighted I came across it and I’ll be
    bookmarking it andd checking back often!

  148. You really make it seem sso easy with your presentation but I
    find this topic too be actually something which I think
    I wuld never understand. It ssems too complicated and very broad for me.
    I’m looking forward for your next post, I will try to
    get the hang of it!

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    I mean A 3-Part Convergence Code™ Formula for “Killer Sheep” | The Blog of Dr.

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  171. Great insight! Great wisdom from Dr.Lance.
    This message is like the prophet-prince and king like David.
    Also, reminded me of how Judah,Joshua and Caleb entered the promised land (or the 7 mountains).
    Judah the worshipper, Joshua is the prophetic warrior, Caleb the statesmen. God connected them together to enter to the so-called
    “seven mountains.” We really need one another in the body of Christ.
    The book of 1 Corinthians said, you cannot say “I don’t need you.”

    1 Corinthians 12: 12-21 Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ. 13 For we were all baptized by[c] one Spirit so as to form one body—whether Jews or Gentiles, slave or free—and we were all given the one Spirit to drink. 14 Even so the body is not made up of one part but of many.

    15 Now if the foot should say, “Because I am not a hand, I do not belong to the body,” it would not for that reason stop being part of the body. 16 And if the ear should say, “Because I am not an eye, I do not belong to the body,” it would not for that reason stop being part of the body. 17 If the whole body were an eye, where would the sense of hearing be? If the whole body were an ear, where would the sense of smell be? 18 But in fact God has placed the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be. 19 If they were all one part, where would the body be? 20 As it is, there are many parts, but one body.

    21 The eye cannot say to the hand, “I don’t need you!” And the head cannot say to the feet, “I don’t need you!” 22 On the contrary, those parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable, 23 and the parts that we think are less honorable we treat with special honor. And the parts that are unpresentable are treated with special modesty, 24 while our presentable parts need no special treatment. But God has put the body together, giving greater honor to the parts that lacked it, 25 so that there should be no division in the body, but that its parts should have equal concern for each other. 26 If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.

  172. Lance, you and Annabelle encourage me whenever I can receive your FB.
    Thank you for coming to Phoenix metro.
    Bless all that you for the Kingdom of God.

  173. Right on! No one is articulating this better! We must align! Get the word out. Thanks for giving us an outlet by expressing the real picture!

  174. Thank you so much for excellent teaching and most of all a conformation of what the Lord is and has been teaching us, my husband and I. It is so great to finally have someone speak about culture. In the last five years, as Native American and First Nations people we have been getting a lot of flack. We fit in to our Destiny!!!

  175. We have the capacity to be better than the opposition; you said “as good as”, but those walking in darkness cannot even come close to the level of power and authority of those walking in the light, when we converge as one. Don’t settle for “as good as”!

  176. Thank you Lance! A bullseye for what the Body of Christ needs! Our Father God is not reckless and moves in the power of Spirit with intention! What He has given you here is how He thinks and for such the hour we are in. Powerful words with substance to make change. Keep pouring!
    He is using you as His cutting edge to bring oneness to His Body so that nations can be saved and set free. Blessings…

  177. Oh wow. So this was orig posted in 2013! Still incredibly relevant, if not even moreso now than ever before..
    I have the MP3 series on this very same subject. Yesterday at work I had accidentally (or not??) hit the play button on my headset (attached to my iPhone) and noticed at one point I wasn’t hearing music anymore but talking. (I had my ear buds sitting on my desk but can still hear what’s playing).
    I thought, hmmm that sounds like Lance ? Sure enough yes it was and just happened to be THIS series!
    Someone reposted this blog (you or one of your staff) on our 7mUnderground page..
    Technically I’m still a bit of a newbie in following & learning from you Lance but sure glad I am..
    The Lord reminded me as I was listening yesterday of a somewhat amusing prophetic+word of knowledge spoken over me about 10 years ago.. They described me as being able to go from an intercessor’s heart to pray for things I see happening on the news to, wanting to blow up the eastern hemisphere. ☺️ At the time it was said I hadn’t told anyone about being moved to tears to pray for situations on the news, & that second part well, I’ll just say yes.. and all who know me well would agree ? (I can still hear my pastor laughing at that second part☺️).
    All of this still holds true even now, plus I’m a worship leader so.. hello Bridal and Warrior combo..?? ??⚔️

    In the past year after I “accidentally” started following you, I can look back and see how I’m learning to add in the third piece which would be the statesmen – killer sheep! ?⚔️??

    Am grateful for your ministry and all the periscopes you do Lance.. looking forward to your book! ?

  178. I too have seen and been frustrated by this phenomenon; that a minority can so easily take over the majority influence of society. But could not articulate as completely as you have Great job Lance.
    “Who are these uncircumcised philistines who mock the army of the Living God??!!” So…what to do next? I SAY WE TOTALLY SUPPORT TRUMP!! He is a Warrior, growing in knowledge and wisdom.Once he slays Girlioth [not a typo] we must rush in and occupy.
    From A Warrior ready to Roll

    Just last week October 24, 2016…
    Are taking place each day in which the ALL SEEING MEDIA is conveying to THE WORLD! This in itself is a CLEAR PICTURE of History that we as FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST must take part in! ?????✝ In my life GOD has shown MUCH FAVOR connection with persons & company’s in HIGH PLACES. Family members who are gifted from…
    THE HOLY SPIRIT one knows their gifts are not of this world…Directly from HEAVEN ABOVE…Yes A part of GOD’S PLAN. Connected to both political and business owners in high places. My question as a SHEEP in the midst of all these connections is how and when to present you and your teachings to them? TODAY I will be ordering more than one of your new book from Amazon. Perhaps a beginning to give insight to TRUTH that we all need at this crucial week of ELECTION with all the negative news of DARK DOORS being opened as I write this‼️????✝?

  180. Hi Dr. Lance 🙂

    For the last MANY years, probably since I came to understand who Jesus is, since I was saved…I have been FRUSTRATED with the “Church”. I love what you are saying. It is resonating with me in a HUGE way. I am not sure what to do with it though. I am following The Lord in how to live out the rest of my days on the planet and teach my children how to follow Him as well. I am a homeschooling Mom, but I feel that I am not doing nearly as well as I should be. I am very interested in MORE teaching on how to connect and unify with The Body of Christ and influence the RIGHT way. Thank you for what you are doing. The Body needs you 🙂

  181. I never looked at David in this way. Thank you Lance for sharing this insight for us to get a bigger picture of where we are to be in the Body of Christ. I think this is exactly what Yehovah intended for us from the beginning, to give full expression of Him in our lives through fully operating and flowing naturally in all three spheres in our worship of Him. With each virtue intensified in its impact by the complement of the other two virtues to fuel it. The question now is just where to start and how to practically develop a life style and mind conditioning which combines all of these 3 facets in our way of living to become relevant, effective trendsetters and trail blazers for Yehovah in societies.

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  183. I am in Minnesota. I leave church feeling empty…..they are bottle feeding us when I crave to chew meat! I am from the South where pastors preach from what God lays on their heart NOT the canned sermons that the Synods tell them to preach……dry sermons. Southern Pastors are on fire for Christ. I can’t find it anymore. They never ever talk about Satan or hell. Why are we going to church then if EVERYONE is going to Heaven anyway? I don’t have a ‘meek’ nature. I want to be St. Joan of Arc for my Lord. The Muslims will win if we don’t stand boldly for Christ! Notice how everything offends them but we are not supposed to get offended by them calling us infidels. I AM offended! I lived in Turkey and folks, Muslims mean business! Don’t ignore them.

  184. I just came across you! Praise the Lord, his timing is always on time. As I listen to this I thought of our President Donald Trump!!! Thank you, God Bless

  185. Wow, I am Kenyan and yes we at a critical hour right now when we must decide to go by God’s plans for us or sink deeper…but we ain’t sinking that’s why by the leading of the Holy Spirit I am here. I have learnt alot from you Dr. Lance since I started following you…and I have a feeling very soon you shall visit Kenya to talk about the 7M….I thank God for you. Hope to see you in Kenya soon.

  186. Amen! I let Lance some 20 years ago in Vermont. The Lord has called me to creating incubator foundations (a system within the system, which enables people to get into their proper place) to bring together those that will move “as one” into the realms (7 mountains) of influence and culture. In days of yore I purchased his CD compilations, newly I’ve rediscovered Lance and I listen to as much as I can get ahold of online. This has been marrow and infrastructure … keep it coming!

  187. I’m listening, agree that the body tends to have those three categories & is not unified at this moment in time…I’m not yet buying the rest of your logic… nor your statement that none of them have any merit to move Gods heart & hand in the affairs of today! Cath in WA

  188. Thank you Brother Lance, Yes, I see it. I am in a different season but overlapping with the last season. He is enlarging my understanding of problems. LOL I have cried too. We need to be frontline as we stand for the Truth of the Word of God. The King-Warrior-Bride. The Holy Spirit gave me, “Congressionallistic Cancer” I did write two emails one to my Representative and one to my Senator in Washington D.C. before Jan. 6, 2021. I don’t even find the meaning of “Congressionallistic” but I knew all the fraud/theft/words…spread like cancer. I let it fly. LOL
    In Christ – All for ONE and ONE for ALL,

  189. This is Jan. 27, 2021 and I just found the blog part of your website this morning. I don’t feel I fit at age 76 into any of those 3 forms you describe here. For years I knew I was born again, but then I married an unsaved man after attending seminary and flunking out because I didn’t go there of my own accord. I am a Psalmist but couldn’t find that category in the five fold ministry, but studied David’s Life. I suffered much child abuse and know I have many spiritual gifts and was blessed to serve under Dr. Randal Langley who now is president of GLOBAL CLST in Pensacola, Florida. As an educator you may have crossed paths with him. I was blessed to help him found Victory Bible Church in Tacoma, WA in the early 1990’s.
    I will am so glad I found you as I felt after the election that America is not only in the fiery furnace, but the Lion’s Den both. I am familiar with the Old Testament. I also loved your post on convergences and know that I was a late bloomer. Due to the child abuse I didn’t study to my capacity. It wasn’t until 10th grade that I realized I was unusually gifted in both math and English. In 2013 I took COMPASS tests in math, Writing and Reading for Western Tech College and used the Kahn Academy for math and at the age of 69 blew the school away with a 91 percentile score in math, flunked the writing test as only got 43 the first time, retook it and got 88 or 87 and the other score was in writing. I was dismayed at having to take the COMPASS tests since I have an Associate of Applied Science in Office Admin. from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. I thought at 69 that I needed more schooling and ended up passing 5 classes before my back (spinal stenosis and herniated disc) gave out and I had to flunk a class and drop the other. My creativity totally astonished my speech teacher as I channel not only Dr. Seuss but Helen Steiner Rice and also make up stories about my appliances and furniture marrying each other and other funny stuff that a missionary friend educator who has known me for 57 years and takes my phone calls and is the wife of the pastor who baptized my parents in 1964 or 65, told me I need to write my funny stories and get them published as they are as funny as Winnie the Pooh. I have had poems published in the International Who’s Who in Poetry and went to the convention in DC in Aug. 2003. I used the wrong poem and so only placed as a semi-finalist. The open mic rooms weren’t monitored so I got more networking done in the swimming pool and other areas. I became a widow in 2008 and relocated from Tacoma, Wa to Wisconsin where I stayed with a half-sister from my birth father (never met him was raised by my Mom and her 2d husband (the bad abuser) Mom was also attached to him in some weird demonic way I haven’t totally fathomed and I had no single men in the church I attended in the 60’s and met my husband (who drank and smoke and I felt like a desperate old maid at the ripe young age of 23) at work. I stuck it out for 39 years 3 months, when he died from natural causes. Feel I have blossomed as a widow and know that I am in the right environment/locale for me, after leaving my sister’s house and staying with a widow for 6 months till I found a cheap hotel here in Viroqua July 1, 2009. Jan of 2012 I moved into a great 1 bd apt in Public Housing and wrote an article about finding my earthly paradise for Guidepost Writer’s Contest last summer but didn’t get admitted. I guess they will let me know if they publish that article or one of the other 2 I sent them. That’s probably more than you wanted to read, but I am sure thankful to God for you and Gene Bailey and Mario Murillo, etc. on NewsMax and FlashPoint and America Stands. I am also affiliated with Kevin Zadai of Warrior Notes School of Ministry and am enrolled in 6 courses that I will be able to get into once a maintenance issue is resolved in my apartment. Thank God for you Lance and I have watched with eagerness and frustration at what Biden has done already, but I take heart from you, Mario, Hank K., Kat K. and even found Amanda Grace (that was so funny as was listening to Fox News on YouTube as have no tv just internet and all of a sudden it was like the Holy Spirit knew I needed to meet Amanda Grace of Ark of Grace Ministries, cause all of a sudden her live stream came up. I have a mixed spiritual heritage in that my maternal great grandmother was a Pentecostal minister, but I found out from my sister who I found in 2003 thru the 1930 Census and met in person Dec. 4, 2008 that our grandmother was a stay-at-home drunk and knew Dad was an alcoholic, due to things my mom told me. But in Lodi, Wi where the widow lived that took me in Dec. 20, 2008, our great uncle Bill Busk’s daughters attended the Methodist Church the widow lady did and that filled in some family history and gives me hope that great grandmother Busk may well have been a godly woman. I am a first born and have more creativity than I know what to do with. Type like a bomb, and knit, sew, crochet, enjoy arts and crafts, in addition to the writing. Hope to publish a book of poetry when Dr. Zadai gets Warrior Publishing going and am so thrilled he will be starting Warrior Chat to replace Facebook for Warrior Notes students and partners. I am hoping to be able to partner with you in the future, as income permits. I practice sowing and reaping and am very outgoing as you can tell from this long note. I also went through 51 months of intensive mental health counseling from June of 2016 to Sept. 2020 when the female counselor and I realized we had reached my mental health goals after life long trauma and having not only been abused by my parents but CPS, foster mom who didn’t know I needed nourishment and even neglected at seminary.
    I am so glad for all the healing God has done in my life physically from hip replacement and shoulder replacement, a great nursing home for post-op and outpatient follow-up where I invented the position of Hug Therapist, and a great home care team and case management team.
    Well, Lance if you made it through all this, you are the wonderful educator/communicator I am wondering why on earth I didn’t find you sooner. Thank you for all your work in helping us. I did get a gospel song about being A Warrior Princess for the Lord and I look forward to looking at the other material on here.

  190. Lance, you truly are God’s DAVID/KILLER SHEEP for such a time as this. Carry on; I’ m with you brother!

    Mary in Georgia