7M Underground

A movement is rising up in the earth

It may arise at the very time “darkness covers the earth,” a movement of spiritually awakened believers whose activity will transform the latent potential of the body of Christ into actual power.

It will rise up and challenge the prevailing narrative of nations. In seven spheres they will stabilize and shape the prosperity of their nations. “Kings will come” to the brightness of their rising and nations will be “born in a day” as the Prophets have spoken.

Therefor, our 7M mission is to do our part in TRANSFORM THE LATENT POTENTIAL OF THE BODY OF CHRIST INTO ACTUAL POWER IN THE 7M WORLD. This will impact cities and nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom.

This message is as clear, compelling and revolutionary as Luther’s clarion call in the Reformation of 1516. We are not a gloomy company but we anticipate that when darkness covers the earth, the Lord shall shine upon His people who are prepared for the hour. Those who are 7M ready will be visible…

“… the LORD will rise upon you And His glory will appear upon you. Nations will come to your light, And kings to          the brightness of your rising.…” (Isa 60:2-3)

The “7M Underground” – the SECOND REFORMATION

We don’t claim to be “the” movement, indeed there are many already saying things similar to us. But we do claim to be the ones who catalyzed the globe with language about “the seven mountains of culture” and we believe we have a significant piece to advance those now “rising” as influence shapers and decision makers.