7M University is a learning community designed to accelerate the journey up the mountain, which is really a metaphor describing the process of hearing and answering the call of Christ on your life.

Destiny is a science. It’s the study of “convergence” which can be described as “doing the thing you do best and love to do most.” 7M University exists to help you discover and do what you were created to do.

Find your mountain and climb it!  

Every new science has its own vocabulary. 7M is a grid for personal and societal transformation. As such it has its own verbal “shorthand” that enables chunks of ideas to be distilled into short phrases and words to convey meaning.

There are 7 (plus or minus 2) areas of mastery within any field of endeavor. 80% of the results come from mastering the critical 20% of the matter. Those with “mastery” in any field are the ones who make “distinctions” on that 20%. All expertise is a matter of quality in distinctions. That’s what separates a general practitioner from a brain surgeon – distinctions. Nobody knows it all, and by a curious irony, those who are specialists know more and more about less and less. Therefore even experts look to other experts for their expertise. 7M University is the place where we interview individuals who have displayed mastery in their field. These are recognized expert practitioners who see the 7M world as only they can.

We cover the vital 7M subjects in this University.

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