7M Mastery

You have a calling that is eating away in your bones. The present paradigm of church and ministry is about to be shifted into a whole new focus. That’s the “7M message.” You are going to move from the periphery to the front line of kingdom advances. A remnant of “early adopters” are already adjusting their lives to the new reality that your “vocation” is your “ministry” and God wants to partner supernaturally with you to bring you into “occupation” of new territory. Jesus was promised “nations” as His inheritance. A new company of “kings and priests” is being activated in every sphere of culture to bring forth a testimony of the kingdom. This gospel of the kingdom will be manifest in the entire world before the end comes. This is the upgrade in clarity and calling that will produce an “Awakening” in the lives of those who hear the sound of His voice and respond!

What do you need to know? You need to understand your calling and the process that leads to ultimate “convergence” – the place where your gifts, talents and acquired skills become activated in a role that pays you to do what you do best!