I’m told people don’t read my posts after 3 AM!

Why do them?

I replied: It’s only 3am in North America….The rest of the world is talking to me.

How about this picture? Hemingway makes a good point. If only we got the ‘before’ done, before – so many things would work out.

I just finished a really cool video I put into a webinar that shows you my top 7 stealth coaching strategies that help you break out into massive clarity over your identity in 2014.

The Hebrew year 5774 suggests it’s the year when the choice will be made to step out of the door and engage or draw back behind the door.

In this year of the open door, ‘4’ is the word “dalet” or ‘door’.

Your door may be a step out of a bad relationship. It may be a geographic move to the right place. It may be a new opportunity or meeting with an influential benefactor. Or maybe all of the above. One thing is for sure – BEFORE you react…THINK about the outcome you ultimately want. Act accordingly.

I will let you know here on FB when the super cool Destiny Dashboard and webinar is ready to go. It will help you manage yourself, your time, your focus and your energy, moving you into a new position above the clutter of ‘other things’.

Late Night Wonders

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