The Deep Divisions Within The Church

God is doing a work in you as you wrestle in this season. You are increasing in favor with God even as you fight for righteousness to prevail in this election fraud. This chapter of history has caused deep divisions within the church. I say that’s good actually. The Apostle Paul wrote that God uses […]

How To Get A Daily Infusion of Revival

On this week’s Firewall, we are talking to a very special guest who’s not usually in our neighborhood, because Pastor Anwar happens to be a dynamic evangelist who pastors a 20,000 member church in Pakistan. He was telling me earlier about these huge prayer festivals he does – the last one was attended by 1.4 […]

I Have A Confession To Make

I wrote in my latest book, God’s Chaos Code all about the election, what would happen on election night and the chaos that would come after. Even though I predicted it, it’s quite another thing living it. We watched as President Trump was winning on election night, only for us to wake up the next […]

We Have Less Than 30 Days To Turn This Around

Here is A Powerful Prophetic Word On What Jesus Is Doing Right Now! He’s Stepping In… “Behold I come quickly” to the church in Philadelphia! Watch Pennsylvania. Rudy Giuliani reveals shocking revelations about the Venezuela, pro Antifa and Soros fingerprints upstream on the software used for the election. Shocking. PRESSED for time? Grab the prayer […]

The Changing Nature Of Warfare

On this week’s Firewall, we are joined again by Rick Joyner, one of the most insightful and prophetic historians and authors I know. Rick has a chapter in my new book about the chaos hitting America, and I believe it’s part of a literal Bible code. We’re going to talk about the historical shifting, the […]