2020 Prophecy – Relating to Kim Clement and Chuck Pierce

What did Kim Clement prophesy in 2014 about the two political parties?

What is different about this Hebrew year 5780? Is the church heading into a battle a reckoning or a reformation?

Did Chuck Pierce warn that all could be lost in Trump’s 4th year?

What’s the strange meaning of 20 doubled in Hebrew… as in 2020?

The Lord is saying He has sent His angel for the battle this year… what did Joshua find out when he encountered the angel? Whose side was he on?

Will angelic activity increase in certain sectors? Which ones?

We cover it all… PLUS join our movement at: AsOneAmerica.com

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33 thoughts on “2020 Prophecy – Relating to Kim Clement and Chuck Pierce

    • Would LOVE to be able to READ your teachings as opposed to watching a video. Any way to make that possible? Some of us learn better by reading, not watching.

      • Sounds like trump is Moses let my country go. media’s hearts are hardened what are the 10 plagues?number 10 represents obedience to Gods law. Political view eyes are blinded. Watch you will know when eyes are reopened. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  1. I am excited about 2020. I feel like I am on the same page as Lance. Just last night 1/3/2020 I stumbled (divine intervention actually) onto a website while looking for a particular scripture about seeing good as evil and evil as good. While searching Google I saw an article written by Christine Forrester who is affiliated with Christian Democrats for America. The article was published in 2016 in the Huffington Post. This woman who wrote the article was basing her whole premise on that very scripture I was looking for. So it caught my attention. But the gist of my story is that these Democrats claiming to follow scripture, reject hatred, have compassion, are “pro life” but not in the traditional way! ( which I interpret as pro abortion) were totally using the word of God to their own ends, while totally bashing our president and those of us who are Christian and happen to love the country and like to follow the laws of our country. They claim that Obama was an unscathed president in every way, family man, and no one being investigated in his administration. And Trump is a bully, womanizer, divorced three times, etc. And the Republican Christians see Obama as evil and Trump as good. So therefore apparently all of the Trump supporters are being deceived. I was, to say the least, disturbed in my spirit. Then today 1/4/2020 I starting watching Lance and his message which was done 2 days before the Rally at the church in Miami with president Trump. (I watched on CSpan) , and Lances words rang true about the churches, and the whole atmosphere now, the Jeezebel spirit, the media. It gave me confirmation that I am on the right track. Thank you sir. Keep up the momentum.

  2. I appreciate you sharing from your insight. Just remember God is greater then the Kingdom of Darkness puppets both in the media of the news media and the media in the pulpit in the counterfeit churches. Both are under the deciption of witchcraft and idolatry. God is not mocked. Pulpits that sell God’s word are prostituting the word of God by a multitude of evil spirits. Jezabel, divination, child sacrifice, etc. I was told by the King Jesus if they will humble themselves they will not stumble because I resist the proud and only give my grace to the humble. I was also told whenever someone trys to control God’s Holy Spirit they can’t see they are actually practicing witchcraft because they only know what they were told by witchcraft leadership. You have to submit yourself to the Holy Spirit and he controls your time not you controling his time. Sound familiar? I have yet to go into a church culture that is not operating under a Jezabel Spirit or Divination spirit or a python spirit etc of witchcraft. It is really amazing how they criticize the people for abortion when they themselves abort God’s children all the time if they can. It would be discouraging fot you if you did not have the authentic King Jesus to show himself more powerful then those spirits that use pulpit ministries to distract the people from who is really God and not their Denomination aka Demonic Nation , their idolatry keeps them in the dark. It only takes one person to release the captives, King Jesus and those who are his don’t get jealous or argue with God. Proud People are called the wicked..not everyone who says they are proud are actually under the influence of a proud spirit. They most likely are just ignorant of who a proud person is to God. WiCKED. I have heard many people say they are a humble Servant of God when in fact they were filled with all kinds of evil. Pride, divination, jealousy etc.. I appreciate your voice of sharing and caring. I would say it has been going on longer then most people understand. Trumps birth alone is proven to be set in motion for such a time as this. I see it more like Joseph. Israel was chosen to get his gift and since his brothers sold him to his cousins who sold him to Egypt. The success that was ment for Israel went to Egypt. Same with the blind churches who have no sight to see they are selling the word of God and giving the power God has for them to Egypt. Nothing new..there is danger for the witchcraft church cultures if they dont get right with God and stop selling, prostituting his voice to the evil forces who would love to control the outcome. Remember who King Jesus is..He is Risen and he is the Head of all Government. You are either with King Jesus or against him. No middle ground. If you dont like Trump then you have stumbled under Pride’s witchcraft. Best to repent and seek God in fasting if necessary or it will end up burtung you more to follow the counterfeit churches and anitchrist Spirit.

    God is not a jealous or proud God..he is a powerful Protective Father who has no intention of being impeached from his authentic churches or does he plan on being impeached from the white house. He comes without our will to do his will inspite of our ignorance to honor idols in churches and sports and entertainment. When he shows up personally. non believers bow because their demons flee from his presence and the powers and principalities are stripped and deactivated of their authority. My suggestion if I may give one. Is for believers to stop assisting the Kingdom of Darkness and bow down to King Jesus and seek his truth instead of the witchcraft they have been honoring

    • Thank you..yes, we need to be on the offensive..yes, we need to put works to our faith…Lord, give us ears to hear, and eyes to see, and may your perfect will be done. Help us Lord! May we win the victory for righteousness sake. Amen.

  3. Brother Lance, God Bless you for hitting the truth straight between my eyes into my noggin. I fully agree with you that we or at least I have become a lazy christian just believing Gods will will be done, but yes! We are his hands and feet and also should be his heart for this land and its people and should take a stand. Me and my family felt no leading last presidency as to who to vote for, so rather then make wrong choice we just didn’t vote, which was the wrong choice too. But this year thanks to you all who get full revelations by the Lord as to what He is doing we all or at least I are better educated and will do my best to share with others to get them to vote. As for me and my family that will be at least 7 votes just in our household that wasnt accounted for either side last time. With great Godly appreciation, I thank you for your message, Ann Pruett

    • You go girl !!! Thank you for your honesty. Every day there is something to learn. making mistakes is not that bad, it is when we stay down and not get back up, that is when we have given up. Beautiful Sisters and Brothers in Christ, WE NEVER GIVE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Love you …

  4. Lance, this is Dr. Lee Melby Apostle to the restored church of Jesus Christ. I am in Sun Lakes AZ leemelby32@gmail.com. We have the meeting of the FGBMF going on now in Phoenix. There is revival on that front. I am with the Faith Family Church of Chandler AZ with a gathering of 12 disciples who are committed to the Lord.
    I agree with you that it is time for the church to take a stand in the community, State, and Nation if we are going to win the battle over the Satanic forces that are everywhere.
    Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you and your mission.

  5. Yes and Amen. We are to be in the world and not of the world. We are called to be engaged, to let the light shine in the darkness. If we think about ourselves and stay out of the world, then how can we be proclaiming the ” Good news” of Jesus Christ? 2020, vision of what is around you. Fight for the souls. We believers have understanding from The Holy Spirit that we do not want to see anyone going to hell for all eternity. This is not a joke! Our Lord Jesus Christ went to the cross and broke His body and shed His Blood for every human. Our Heavenly Fathers’ Will is that all souls be saved. Even the people we do not like, like has nothing to do with it, it is all about Love. We are required to Love, like is a matter of a persons’ preference of character. God is Love.
    Excellent videos Mr. Lance Wallnau !!! You beautiful brother in Christ !!!

  6. Lance, just in case it is of interest, I want to tell you what I heard from the Lord back in April last year. During my morning private devotions, while I was reading from Isaiah, the Lord interrupts me telling me to pray for Israel. I stop reading and immediately begin a thought prayer but I don’t make it through the first sentence before I am interrupted again. The Lord tells me why Trump was elected: “Trump is president because President Obama treated Israel so badly.” Later in the day I find out that it is the day of Israel‘s election. At that time I did not follow anything about Israel so I did not know. Just thought I should let you know this. Thank you for your ministry.

  7. My reply on the Christianity Today posted by a church leader (Liberal both in politics and scriptural) but they love Jesus and are social justice warriors.

    Which of the other candidates (Democratic or Republican) reach the level of the standard set by the Christianity Today, the obvious “prophet” (sarcasm) of today’s Christianity. I would say Trump’s motives are still better than any of the other Democratic candidates. And who of us, especially long time followers of Christ, can say our character is of the standard we’d hope in the many years we have had. He has only just begun his journey in Christ. How many of us have had that wealth, earthly success and fame to be able go through the eye of the needle as Christ spoke. He has done more conservative legislative actions than many Republican presidents of the past. He was voted in not to do Christian actions, but conservative ones. He has been true to those promises, even with the incredible opposition he has had. The progressive movement is the real enemy! It’s the devil’s system…the god of this age. Don’t be deceived by the false prophets of the media. Randy

  8. Thank you Lance, as usually this was profound, I felt it in my soul. I am very happy that Bethel Church is following this now, unfortunately, not seeing this in our local churches.

  9. Here is what the Lord is telling me. That He will use the lying media to get His will done. Deception is the spirit blanketing the whole world aided by the television and print media. CNN is heard and watched around the world and because it is deceptive, many national leaders are also deceived into believing that Trump is on his way out, that he is weak, and therefore nations who want to bring the USA down can plan a military attack.

    Iran is the first one, but more will try to start a war. Meanwhile, Trump’s voting base is strong and getting stronger. Here is an example of the kind of misinformation the world leaders are believing. And in addition nearly half the voters in the USA also are deceived.


    A nation which believes it has superior armament will take a chance on attacking the USA. North Korea, of course, Russia, China probably. Russia is pouring money into the military but Russia’s yearly budget is less than that of Texas, its GNP equal to that of Canada. The population is going down and the birthrate is not keeping up. Alcoholism is the overwhelming problem. It is a dying nation made to look like a powerhouse. Not that we should be surprised. The whole world lieth in the wicked one.

    The presumption of wining power by these nations will allow God to judge them.

  10. I am in complete agreement with what you are saying for 2020. As a spirit-filled believer, I am tired of the wimpy attitude of the Church. When the Christianity Today remarks concerning agreeing with the impeachment of our duly elected President, I was horrified-I am angry! It is a spirit of religious legalism which is the worst enemy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: Jesus called the religious legalists, “white-washed tombs”!
    In saying this, I feel the sense of URGENCY to stand up in boldness for the rightness of what God is manifesting in our country through President Donald J. Trump. I thank God that He is manifesting the healing and the dignity of our country that was established by our Founding Fathers, who feared God and had discernment directed by Him in instituting this God anointed country to exist for great things for His glory!
    I am with you!!
    Matthew 6:33

  11. As usual Lance your bright and innovative approach to The Kingdom is palpably relevant.
    With your insight about the witchcraft hovering over Washington DC in reference to the book of Acts where AP-Paul went directly to a public official guided by a spirit of divination. I have said for years that I can see Sen. Chuck Schumer as a warlock. These people that at One time were just “attitudes” of Left ideology are now manifesting their demonic intent as a practice.
    This is why our Lord has been revealing to me over the last few years how PRACTICAL He actually is and in practicality how He so often interfaces with our lives. For far too long the ‘church culture’ has been gathering, soaking, huddled down praying, staying within the 4 walls of man made buildings and singing to the choir, resulting in becoming so heavenly minded they are no earthly good.
    This is a fallen world, there is simply no way around that! Our job as true Christian(s) is a very Practical one. Decreeing something into the air, benefits only the air. Yet decreeing openly up close & personal to someone or many someones, is Practical and naturally tactical.
    It has been my witness now that we’re in 2020, we along with Trump have come along side Jeremiah’s painful compulsion and complaint, (Jeremiah 20: 7-13) Being given close attention to verse 11,
    “But The Lord is with me as a Dread Champion (other manuscripts read Violent Champion)…therefore, my persecutors will stumble and not prevail.” This is the juxtaposition of the Apostolic, Prophetic and Evangelical for this season. What about “Fight the good fight of the Faith”, don’t these pew sitters understand?
    We are to be Champions also.

  12. Thank you Lance for your amazing truth & perspective. 2020 Hand & hand also reminds me of the nail pearced hands of Jesus – The price he paid for all. His victory over the enemy. The church SHOULD be prophesying the identity of nations & people. Kingdom of heaven on earth. Keep on preaching!!!

  13. Excellent Holy Spirit all over your message.
    Yes I was in the era of the Nixon Adm
    We learned nothing from that Era.
    Google GEMSTONE and read what really happened. Hx repeats itself
    Now the evil demonic forces behind Nixon Adm never eradicated.
    They are now open and on STEROIDS

  14. Listened to your video on the elections coming up.
    I’ve been studying on Jezebel because of a 3 year and 10 month battle I had and I believe was that spirit. I have also been really concerned that the church seems so blind about the implications of not getting involved in politics since we have to live with the decisions made at the ballot box.
    So I was reading about Jezebel’s death and was encouraged because Jezebel is yelling down from her window at Jehu calling him a murderer. Jehu yells out Who’s on my side? Who? And the word says two or three EUNUCHS looked down at Jehu, and Jehu said THROW HER DOWN….. so the EUNUCHS at his command threw her down and killed her. As I read this it jumped out at me about these men being Eunuchs (emasculated men) and what a representation of the church in this hour, but when Jehu showed up and they HEARD the command they laid hands on Jezebel (2020 The double palms) and threw her down. So I’m praying for the spirit of Jehu to rise up and command a weak and powerless church to get up lay hands on Jezebel and finally throw her down so all this manipulative character assassination lying jealous hatred against President Trump his family his cabinet and Christians will be shut down and we can see the church take it place once again with power authority and integrity, representing God correctly in this generation.
    Barbara Landry

  15. Please post in writing as opposed to videos or along with videos. I agree with the other comments about this, as with written words, I can go back and read anytime and save, unlike videos which are difficult to save and it takes longer to watch a video than read the words.

  16. WARNING: I think we all need to ask our Father, how much do we focus on the world & U.S. political systems as opposed to Christ & our family, our children, neighbors, & co-workers who need not hear “right vs. left” etc. They have that in abundance thru every social and mainstream media. Are we trying to make converts from left to right or from darkness to light?
    Do we spend enough time in the Lord’s Presence to have His Peace rub off onto our children when we spend time with them? Do our neighbors or co-workers recognise an air of grace when speaking with us?
    The fabric of our society starts with us and spreads outward. It does start with the President, his cabinet members or the Supreme Court & work downward.
    A wise man of God recently stated:
    “The POLITICS of America has become its RELIGION. Politics is more important than the church, it is more important than the preacher, it is more important than the Bible, It is more important than faith. Politics is the God of this country.”

  17. Dear Lance,
    I’m wonderfing why you regard Kim Clement such an anointed prophet? It’s true that he got a few things right, but most of his prophecies did not come to pass. I’m sorry that he passed away at what I consider to be a young age; however, his beliefs are not in line with a number of fundamentals that are believed to be required for a born-again experience in order to enter into Heaven. I am a Spirit-filled believe and I don’t know your background, but I have been blessed to know about the “good things of the Lord” for many decades and believe that I have the discernment to recognize error when it comes to basic Christian beliefs. I appreciate your ministry and can only hope that we are “on the same page.” However, it’s not just the lights and smoke machines that bothered me about Ken’s ministry, it’s his basic beliefs, not to mention his prophesies that just didn’t come to pass. My son, who is a Fort Worth attorney and his brother-in-law who is an attorney in Houston attended a meeting where you were the prinipal speaker in Washington, D.C. They enjoyed your minister there. God bless you. And I might mention too, that some of us in our prayer group believe that you misunderstood the word that was spoken by Tracy Cook on Sid Roth about Nancy Pelosi. It was our understanding that he did not mean that she was actually in a China lab; but he was referring to her anti-Christ spirit, etc. I would love to meet you sometime. I enjoy your ministry and pray God’s best blessings for you and yours, Ruth Kight-Korngable, Fort Worth (member of Christ Church Assembly of God for about 50 years).