War From The Garden Out

Accomplish 2x As Much With Half The Effort…

The Lord keeps whispering to me… Come back to the Garden. War from the Garden out and you will accomplish twice as much with half the effort.”

Accomplish twice as much what?!  Where is this Garden?!

Here is the revelation of the Garden…the Garden is the place where God walks with us.

In the Garden of Eden, God called a family (Adam and Eve) to walk with Him, take supernatural dominion, subdue the earth, and fill it.

Here is the wild thing: in Christ (the second Adam) God relaunched this mandate through us. But for us to take mountains we are going to need to go BACK TO EDEN—to the Garden.

In micro-churches of just a few, we are more powerful than we think. Jesus said, “Fear not little flock, it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” 

In God’s economy, less is more.

Rick Joyner says, “Four of a kind beats a full house.” We, you and I, are being built together right now to become a dwelling place for God in the Spirit. When the right alignment is formed we can war from the Garden of His presence, outward.

The theme of  May’s Dream Trip to Cabo San Lucas Mexico is “Fast Forward to Eden.” I feel like many of us need to adjust our schedule to get in sync with Heaven’s agenda and timing.  

This trip is all about the call of God on your life and the steps needed to move quickly into the future God has prepared.  This is done by rediscovering the “rest” of faith in the Eden of God!

What will you do on this trip?

  • MARK the territory of your garden by securing the boundaries of your household so the serpent does not enter.
  • Claim your INHERITANCE.
  • PURSUE the things God wants to plant in your heart as your supreme affections.
  • TAKE DOMINION over the garden of your mind and emotions. (A good gardener will uproot the thoughts and feelings that are contrary to the disposition of Christ.)

NOW is the time—to get up and remark the boundaries of your garden—your house, family, marriage, and ministry/workplace inheritance.

Join us in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for 5 days and 4 nights, May 26th-30th.  Meet with like-minded people in an EDEN-like location overlooking the ocean. The meals, room, and training are included in the registration. Couples or roommates can share a room for only $1,997 each. If you want a room to yourself the price is $2,495.

We are already close to SELLING OUT, so move fast. There are 5 rooms left!

For more information OR to book your trip today, email Deborah at dreamtrip@lancelearning.com.

Question: What needs to be cultivated in your garden?

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26 thoughts on “War From The Garden Out

  1. Would love participate in this upcoming trip! I have a number of detours/road blocks that the Holy Spirit is working out…..I am needing to be patient…..KNOW THIS – I AM NOT ASKING TO BE MADE PATIENT, JUST TRYING TO SURVIVE THIS TIMELINE WITHOUT RUNNING AHEAD OF GOD’S PERFECT TIMING AND REEKING HAVOC WITH HIS PERFECT WILL AND PURPOSE IN HIS FORE ORDAINED DESTINY FOR ME IN HIS KINGDOM.

    I am waiting for my late father’s estate to settle so that I might be able to sew and even participate in some of the events that you sponsor. I so enjoy your downloads and cd’s, however, I am not so sure that being present during one of your events would be more profoundly impacting to/for me.

    So0o0o0o0o0o0…..there you have my whine instead of my new wine…..maybe it’s my wine skin!!!!! Am looking to discovering and entering into the fullness of my God given purpose and destiny.

  2. Restoration of what the enemy has stolen. Double portion. It was stolen in the supernatural and I am waiting for it to be restored in the supernatural. Glorify me oh lord so I can glorify you!!

  3. I am coming on this trip. I have wanted to go for several years, and circumstances did not allow it. THIS is the year. THIS is my Kairos time. I’m ready to move into my inheritance – In fact, I’m already in the transition.

  4. Awesome Lance! This is a confirmation of a precious word the Lord gave me in my prayer time this morning: “…My Command to you has ever been for you to relax and ENJOY the good life I have give you. That is the gospel: that the Garden of Eden is back! Paradise is regained!” There was more, but that was the centerpiece. He went on to talk about Mary and Martha. I have had a generational curse of workaholism in my family (it killed my Father), but I believe it is broken and that the rest of my life will be a story framed with JOY. Thank you for all you do! I spent part of the afternoon at Starbucks in Fort Worth listening to you doing life coaching on YouTube and getting a fresh revelation for my calling as an artist and convergence. You are a major blessing.

  5. Weeds need to be uprooted from my thoughts and emotions; so that the beautiful flowers can come forth and be established.

  6. Confidence in my God given ability to carry out His plan and knowledge, wisdom and words as I complete assessments for my degrees….

  7. Amazing…just simply amazing! In my quiet time yesterday, the Holy Spirit was speaking to me about life in the garden before the fall of man! Then here comes Lance’s email about THE GARDEN! I am unable to attend right at the moment … all of me wants to go…I pray for provisions…………….the time is available….the finances are not…….

  8. One moment I hear the voice say, GO… but the very next moment, I heard the voice say, NO, it’s foolish…. and it’s disguised as Reasoning…. sometimes Wisdom… sometimes, Prudent. Most days, I listen to this voice. Even though I know, it’s choking my vines of hope. I’m caught in the middle of this war.

    Lance, I recall once when I heard your invitation and I went without hesitation, I answered the call to attend a conference called Spheres & Realms at Bethel in 2007 and What a Time! What a Season! It was when my Spirit Awoke… My life began to transform daily. It’s when I came out of my cocoon. And yes, I jumped on the pathway to my CONVERGENCE. Revelation upon Revelation poured out onto those hungry thirsty Seekers for those 3 days. And I was one of those dry sponges. I have such SWEET transforming memories of my BETHEL.

    Now my well is dry again and I’m desperate in my wilderness. I need a refreshing and need to sit under an outpouring again. One touch would be enough to turn me around. I would love to meet in the GARDEN of HOPE. So I pray God will make a way, where I see, no way.

    Blessings to all who heard the call and answer!

    Thanking God often for you and your VOICE in this wilderness!

  9. I really want to go and maybe I can get the money, but today or yesterday was the deadline…so I may have missed my chance. :( I also need to remew my passport, which expired long ago. I am a Canadian…I can renew it probably in time, but in the meantime…I am asking the Lord what to do…I believe you could launch me into my destiny with what you teach…perhaps it can happen without your teaching,,,only God knows this…but I know He is asking me to step out in faith…I am definitely stepping into faith these days in my worship and prayer life and experiencing opposition like never before, yet gaining and persevering in victory! So, I will rise up and let the Lord lead me where He wants me to go…deadline or not…I am being led by Holy Spirit, who helps me in every way and every day!!! Praise God!!! God bless you, Lance and your dear father, especially today and your wonderful family! Keep up the God work!!! :)

  10. What do I want to show up? A terrific publisher of novels. I have one ready! Also two more children’s books fully illustrated, and another novelette. I keep writing, so when that publisher shows up, I can hand him or her a bushel full !!!!
    It is God that prophesied to me to write, three times it was spoken and I am unstoppable.
    “Pick up the pen, pick up the pen… You shall stand before people who occupy positions of power and prestige, people of great means…
    I have to make a very BIG decision, but I want it to be GOD all the way…
    Come to me in my dreams Lord…

  11. That was a good prophetic word you just said, Lance! I hope you whole tribe be blessed.
    My friend Debbie and I will take the May trip by streaming…