3 Secrets To Dream Manifestations

Do you know the link between dreams and reality?

Can I ask you a question? When is the last time you let yourself dream? I mean really dream – about what you want your life to look like.

Most of us can dream about tomorrow. Our problem is we don’t know how to get fully unstuck from the routines and demands of the present. The cycle of life overtakes us. We feel the tension of our dreams in conflict with practicalities (bills to pay, kids need attention, our partners to consider, and the list goes on…). How do we respond? We edit our dream. We shrink back, and as we become smaller we play smaller. Instead of taking bold and audacious steps in the direction of God’s calling, we hesitate. We wonder if maybe it’s not the “right time” to move forward. Invariably we bury our dreams AND STAY STUCK. I’ve done it myself – and that’s why I am adamant about making sure YOU don’t get stuck.

I sometimes think that we make our spiritual lives too mechanical.  It isn’t about pleading, negotiating, praying, and fasting. It’s about being clear in your own heart about what dream you want to see manifest.

Habakkuk 2:2 reminds us, “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.” Did you catch those 3 steps?…

Write the vision down.  Make it clear.  Run with it.

Step# 1: Write The Vision Down
Don’t let “reality” or “false wisdom” rob you of your dreams. There is nothing too out of the box, nothing you can’t afford, nothing too unrealistic, nothing too sillywhen you dream. When it comes to vision – if it doesn’t make you a little nervous it’s not God.

Step #2: Make It Clear
Dream for everything and anything. Be specific. If you dream of a new bike—what color is it? If you dream of the perfect family vacation—where are you going – skiing or to the beach? If you dream of the perfect companion —is it a dog or a spouse? The point is, you need to stretch yourself to see as much detail as possible! When you do this, you create a sensory radar that picks up on cues and connections that correspond to your destiny.

Step #3: Run with It
Once you have your dream book, begin to meditate on it. Bring it with you to the coffee shop, to work, heck, bring it to the gym to read while you are on the elliptical…and ADD to it. Your vision is a living thing. As you feed it, the vision materializes.

Then, begin to ASK God to bring these dreams into reality. Pick one or two that you can begin working on today.  Watch how God will surprise you time and time again with the very thing that was in your heart.

BONUS Step #4: Dream With Others
Once you get clear on your dreams, begin to get clear on the dreams of others. There is nothing more powerful than unlocking the dreams of your spouse, children, or staff. Have them follow steps 1,2,3 and then have them share those dreams. If you really want to transform a life see what dreams you can make a reality in their life.

Your calling is God’s plan for your life. It’s the heavenly version of the thing you call a “dream.” There is nothing more important in your life for all time and eternity than fully answering the call of God.

Question: What is the most recent dream you’ve had that is calling out to you to take action this week?

As One!

Lance Wallnau

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61 thoughts on “3 Secrets To Dream Manifestations

  1. My dream is to be able to share what God has done in my life to overcome circumstances that were not good in my home so that others may know how good God is to redeem us.

    • Are you an eye surgeon specialist? If not, it’s God’s gift of creative miracle especially in our sight supernatural naturally.

      Joanne says
      April 20, 2016 at 10:07 pm
      I just had a dream where I was sewing eyeballs on people.

    • Well. you either become an eye dr or you have the faith to believe you can put mud on the eyes and the person can see, or you teach the Word so they open their spiritual eyes so they can “SEE”, understand and be enlightened.
      My dream for my next step is that I find a publisher for my full length novel. My challenge is, it has the Christian morality but the person in the book grows from making some negative decisions to becoming a woman that has a vision, and sees it through. no matter what, and her character solidifies. Christian publisher does not want it because I has REALITY and error in decision making, o no, adultery? In a Christian novel? Christian novel have to be sweet and wholesome..! But, life Is not like that, everyone is a sinner and learns hopefully to change into a butterfly so to speak. no longer a worm.
      A regular publisher does not want it because it has the moral tones and referrals to the Lord…. It is a great novel, 300 pages and has drama, loss, overcoming, love, etc. I read it 30 x already… love my novel! I already published 14 other books, small books, Christmas stories and children’s books. For this one I need a daring publisher who can understand what I am saying. Human nature. with faults, etc. and gradual change into maturity. To me THAT is a novel.

  2. Looking forward to your next one where you plan to share how to know the difference between your own passion and a passion that is from God. The word desire, I believe, is derived from the word Divine. That brings the verse that says He will give us the desires of our heart, into clarity. It is those desires, FROM HIM, that we carry that He promises to give us!

  3. My latest dream is to build a city from scratch. A city with one King and totally debt free, with no outside help from the government. This city or micro city, will be a complete city, with hospital, fire, police, schools, businesses and churches. Plural churches, not just a church. I am may not agree or understand every domination but I can get behind unity of the faith, not doctrine, and worship the soon and coming King with like minded brothers and sisters in there churches. This is just a snap shot and there is way more in depth detail. This is only just to encourage others to think big. By the way I was awaken one morning with this dream, and the name of the city and like every big dream it seems so impossible and unatamable but with God everything is possible.

    What is your dream today? Hold on to it, no matter how big or small, for your dream, like mine, is for an appointed time, so go for it.

    As One

    • that sounds good. My church and I are praying to own a ranch. It will be used for many different things, but mostly to help restore people. We rent it to different groups. autism, handicapped, hunters, etc. but all through the year we have camps, retreats. We plant lots of trees, we invite the system to send us low level prisoners (especially teens) – who partake in the garden efforts but also learn about The Word of God, Jesus and His miracle powers for restoration, work, and responsibilities and music and brotherly love. I have the name and the domain and the plans. I believe it will happen. But it will take miracles. We have our church – small – for 25 years this year and something good is going to happen. I also published 14 books already =mostly children’s books – and my nest step is I am dreaming and praying for a publisher for my full length novel. I believe my writings will create the ranch and support our mission.
      Say a prayer for me I learn how to do constant contact or mail chimp and/or blog. I am NOT a PC champ. May all your hopes and dreams come true. My website is not impressive.

      • Wow!! YouTube may have some videos you will find helpful on mailchimp etc. Learning anything is a process. Enjoy the journey!

  4. I recently had a dream where I was high up on a Mountain. I knew that I had bought 2 lots half way up the mountain, and I was excited about that, but as I came to the top of this huge mountain, I bought the top of the mountain, and in the dream I was amazed and knew that this was something that would be very special.

  5. Vision for “Knowledge Acceleration Television ” –

    Submitted by Kathryn E. Darnell, President

    Knowledge Acceleration Television (KATTV) is an FCC regulated Family Variety Local Television Station which can be streamed online to thousands of areas and countries very inexpensively but with high definition, creativity and excellence!

    Mission Statement: To provide excellent family viewing and children’s shows for the community the nation and outward internationally. The The shows would include human interest stories cooking shows with nutritional teaching, Music and teen talent shows, horse shows, Family movies and children’s shows, etc. with every fifth show being a dynamic Christian teaching show!

    Viewers being drawn to their area of interest, say a horse show would be afforded the opportunity to view a creative and loving Christian show on the station. This model is from Lester Summerall’s two local stations that he purchased in Hawaii which became the most popular stations on the island now being run by his children!

    Each show is entrepreneur driven and or sponsored. A cooking show for example could be sponsored by someone selling a health shake product. Their information would be supplied at the bottom of the screen at the end of the show.
    There is great earning potential as the shows would right away go to 1000 stations!

    The business plan the Lord gave me was that the station could run on 20% of product proceeds I would like to give 20% to orphanages/human traffic relief and 60% would go to the producers of the show.

    The vision the Lord gave me for the children’s show within the station showed Jesus with both hands held up. In his right hand were many books and in his left hand were finances. He showed me that the children’s show would be financed by the books that he has had me write. I have written and illustrated over one hundred children’s books and am presently working on a book for adults – their parents!

    The implementation of the children show that the Lord divulged to me is quite different. I would have delightful prayer and praise and dance time with them and a short morning Bible study and each show would be based on a drawing the Holy Spirit gives me or series of drawings from that study (with which the children would then be familiar). The drawings would each be held up as a prompt card and from that they would just free flow in the Spirit for the show! The Lord showed me this would be highly anointed and creative, directed by the Holy Spirit and very effective towards melting and delighting hearts ! Not only of many children and young people but their parents too!

    I have been given prophetic words that “the sound of the music for the show would cause the children to literally bolt, in running to see it, which would motivate the parents to come and see as well!” (Because Jesus will be like the Holy “Great Pied Piper” playing the music!)

    “It Will be the New Greatest Show on earth!”

    “It will be spoken of by the people as the top children’s show instead of Disney!”

    And so forth! It Will be all God’s doing of course and not mine!

    This vision comes from one desire, ” All true religion pure and undefiled is to help widows and orphans …” James 1:27
    Note : I’m pretty much finished with the adult book, just have been waiting for you to do the broadcast that you said you would do in helping with developing “meaningful social media” that is needed for book publication. Since telling us, you’ve been busy traveling, but I wanted to let you know, in my sincere desire and dedication in being accountable to your exhortation to “write the book for it is a now word!”, because I recognize that you are a man of God (and a great leader!) I present the “big picture”of the vision, as the Lord gave it to me, (for reaching those desperately needing the love of Jesus!) to you now!

    Thank you!
    Kathryn Darnell
    Sent from my iPhone

  6. I want to enter into this dimension….part of our destiny….Part of the supernatural realm that God wants us to tap in in this hour….

  7. Lance, God brought me this scripture for the first time in 1992, when I was seeking to be married. Today I am still not married and I’m actually okay with it because I love Him so much that I don’t want anyone to interfere with my relationship with him. With this said, my desire is to be used by Him to reach women who have given their lives and bodies to men. I long to have a home for them and assist them obtain first of all a relationship with God and then to have their other needs met so that they can have a better life. I don’t know how this will happen, the vision is so big for me, however, I know my God can make it happen. It makes me nervous, do I have what it takes to accomplish this and what do I need to do to start. Please pray for me.

    Thanks Lance

  8. Lance, Thank you so much for this Word!!! Since 2002 the Lord let me know I would be going to Israel and to Paris.Earlier this month I was on the way to Israel with my church. I did not even think to ask the Lord to let us have a layover in Paris and that is exactly where we landed before going to Israel !!!! I KNOW that I will going back and will spend more than 3 hours in the city. I had written this desire down and had told people all these years that I was going to these two places and it happened !!!! God is good and He is faithful to perform his Word !!!!! We had a wonderful time in Israel, it truly was the trip of a lifetime!!!!! Keep up the good work you are doing and God bless you and your family.

  9. As always Dr. Lance, you strike at the heart of many of us seeking greater clarity! 2 Cor 10:13 speaks of
    “Our measure of rule”. Your gifting, wisdom, experience & knowledge has helped me & thousands of others with personal identity. You teach us to know what cause to champion, what our personal identity is that leads to personal transformation which then opens the door to clarity & ability to shape our sphere of influence.

    For that, I am forever grateful. Thank you. See you in Cabo…

  10. Perfect timing! Right now I am a teacher, but something has been tugging at me hard. I love what I do and where I have been but I feel like I am a fire hose watering 1 flower. I have a dream to build and lead a team(s) that travels to schools and reform them…gets them functioning healthy and effectively as a team and then continues to work with them as they walk out their calling as a school. I want to be the Gordon Ramsey of Education and like “kitchen nightmares” i want to use the media to help fund it. I want to get paid to speak to and teach teachers. I want to watch an educational revival break out. I want to gain favor with those that manipulate what decisions we make about American kid’s education and issue in a “new way”.

    • Joshua
      I know how you feel about transforming education. I was a public school teacher and then a principal, and felt the same way. I’m stepping into some new education realms. You may be watering one flower, but that flower may be a Billy Graham. I used to pray over the classroom, anoint the seats, bless children with a simple touch. You are shifting atmospheres. God bless you in your work!

  11. To move in to my faith home, my dream home that I’ve believed God for… And to help my husband to accomplish his call and dream in the Market Place…

  12. It was a glaring hot day. I couldn’t stand it so some of my friends had to carry me out on a stretcher. As I was being carried out along a passage way with trees shielding on one side, I looked up and saw a peculiar cloud with a skyblue portal in its center. “The portal is closing,” I said aloud what I was seeing over and over again. It seemed no one took heart to what was happening. One did looked up. We saw God’s hand picked another cloud sealed off the portal from releasing destructive heat wave. Such is Heart of Abba Father, full of compassion. – a personal dream I had a few nights ago the Lord brought me into remembrance.

  13. My dream is to become a world class, sought after coach , trainer, public speaker.
    The revenue will allow me to leave my nursing business where I work up 48 hours a week and is very tiring. Alongside coaching I have a call to intercession first and foremost for israel and then Scotland. My desire is to have more time to team up with the group I’m in and contend for revival.

  14. My short term current dream is to fill my first workshop that I’m putting on in Sarasota Florida on May 6th with 16 hungry and willing students that want to and will take action on the things I teach and will run with it and be successful.

  15. I want to use my voice to open hearts that have been closed or soften hearts that have been hardened…through music and through my testimony.

    To build a successful fashion company that provides economic growth for African countries, while providing fantastic style globally.

    I also dream of building a home for girls and women who have experienced abuse, as I did. A place for healing and encouragement and equipping.

    And most importantly of all, I want to see my children grow into who God created them to be…I want their lives to be deeply rooted in knowing and loving Jesus for themselves. God knows that I would love to have a loving, kind, faith filled, and happy husband to enjoy the journey with, to build with and to thrive with…❤️❤️❤️❤️…love makes life more beautiful

    As a practical step to help build those dreams, I am feeling to push to take a ginormous leap of faith and move my kids and I to California (from Oshawa, Ontario) …the dream continues to burn in my heart but I believe that part of this new beginning for us is clearing ALL debt …so that we leave with no burdens. As I trust God to do the supernatural, I am committed too and willing to do the natural. Jesus is my pursuit and so I will delight myself in Him and continue to build the dream with Him.

    Funnily enough…just yesterday I made a commitment to write down my dreams…I am excited and scared…but I am trusting and moving. Dreaming with God is life changing😀😊

    Thank you Sir Lance.

  16. This word is perfectly timed! I was telling God this morning that I need either a “green or red light” about moving forward. I have been struggling for months about fulfilling God’s plan for the next phase of my life. I finally feel like I’ve got it and a dream for the Lord helped me understand it, but now that it’s time to actually take a somewhat risky step in that direction my husband and I are hesitating. This word is the perfect “green light” I was waiting for, thanks Lance!

  17. Thank you for this clarification. I have just begun dreaming again for the first time in 20 years. Sad. But now I’m super excited!!! Can’t wait to hear your explanation on how to discern between God’s desires for us and our carnal desires. I think part of your answer will be that as you walk with Him, His desires truly become your own and eventually, they are one in the same! We are in Him! Nonetheless, I still distrust the flesh so I really want want to hear what you have to say. Thanks, Lance!!

  18. Thank you, Lance – I have picked up on the asking part – this week God supersized what I had asked for short-term – :)

    Long term it is taking time to manifest – I feel I am still in training.

    A good Passover

  19. I’ve been blessed to fulfill most of my dreams (ie. get a BA, MA, teach ESL, IS,travel, blog, write a book, etc.) the last 30+ years. Now I’m living a dream and in a doctorate program. I hope to graduate next year when I’m 59. Then there are a few more dreams after that. I’ve been Telling -A-Vision , writing it down for years as well. There are a few dreams I have not been able to do, due to my spouse not wanting to (I wanted to move and teach overseas), however I see how God has opened and closed doors. As a Doer, one of the things I pray often, is for the Lord not to allow me to create an Ishmael and step into things I’m not supposed to, even though my soul may want to.

  20. Thank you for this timely and encouraging word!! I’m in the process of Developing my business and experimenting on what works and finding my niche so that it is fruitful and multiplying so that i can be a stay at home mom. The Lord told me its purpose is for family and ministry. At the moment I’m on such a high learning curve it’s very tedious and time consuming….trusting the Lord will teach me and answer the desire of my heart that this business will enable me to do family and ministry and not steal from it!!! This word was some needed confirmation to continue seeking Gid for this!! He gives abundant life! I really appreciate your ministry Lance! I’m always very encouraged! Thank you!!!

  21. This is powerful Lance, I pray Lord Jesus increase, Holy Spirit come and expand beyond what we are expecting. Help us to enter into this new level of reality. Fill us Holy Spirit and give us more your mind Jesus. Amen

  22. This day, as I celebrate Passover, I am acknowledging that this day I choose to be separated from the lack and bondages and restrictions of the past – and I am stepping across the threshold under the covering and provision of the blood of my Savior into all that my God has personally promised to me. This will be a year of possessing my mountains! My prophetic art will reach those it is intended to minister to – and all the connotations of ‘SHALOM’ will be manifested in my life! L’Chaim!

  23. dream was about the power of God plowing into my husband and knocked him off his chair into my lap. He was slain for 20 minutes and his mouth felt like words were being formed.