Prophetic WARNING from a man with an eerily accurate track record.

10987012_10153094931189936_3706838330902856463_n-1Prophetic WARNING
from a man with an eerily accurate track record.

Joel C. Rosenberg now lives in Israel and writes from his bomb shelter basement. His first book “The Last Jihad” blew people away and became an 11-week New York Times Best Seller. He wrote it to warn Americans about the danger of radical Islam, thinking he was four or five years ahead of the threat. He was shocked that 9-11 happened as fast as it did the way it did.

He is worried the same scenario is about to happen now with ISIS.

Rosenberg says: “I am deeply concerned that ISIS is plotting major attacks not only against the U.S. and Israel, but also Jordan and other Arab allies in the Middle East.”

ISIS burned alive the Jordanian fighter pilot it was holding captive in a cage. Then released a 22-minute video of this savage act for the world to see.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II — denounced as “an ally of the crusaders” by ISIS terrorists in the video — was in Washington meeting with leaders many of whom attended the National Prayer Breakfast, where the President made his comments condemning ISIS followed by comments connecting American Christians and the CRUSADES!

Joel’s current research involves two former CIA directors, one a Democrat and the other a Republican. Jim Woolsey, served with President Clinton, and Porter Goss was the CIA director under George W. Bush.

Asking them, “What keeps you up at night? I’m writing a new series, I need a new enemy. I want to write about something that’s say, four or five years out, but something that’s emerging that you think people should know about.”

They both said, “You’ve got to watch Al-Qaeda in Iraq. They’re morphing into something different. It looks more dangerous to us, and we think they’re going to be a huge problem, in Syria and Iraq.”

They were predicting ISIS and they were not alone. Two Defense Secretaries saw the threat also and told the White House.

Former Defense Secretaries, Bob Gates and Leon Panetta both warned the President NOT TO WITHDRAW all U.S. forces from Iraq – that Iraq’s government was not ready for this and that radical Islam would storm into the vacuum created by American withdrawal.

This historic blunder has received a free pass from the media.

Why this mental fog over the Oval Office?

The extent to which the White House labors under a spell in regard to Islamic extremism is alarming. The disconnection between the Oval Office and America over this subject cuts across party lines. The entire country knows something dangerous is occurring. A recent McLaughlin poll indicates:

• 74 percent of Americans fear ISIS is going to launch a catastrophic terror attack in the U.S.
• 73 percent believe ISIS would perform genocidal acts against Israel if given the chance.
• 65 percent of Americans fear that ISIS will try to overthrow the King of Jordan – an important moderate ally – and then form a base inside Jordan they will launch attacks against Israel and the United States.

Most Americans care little about Jordan, yet they see the situation more clearly than Washington.

Rosenberg went to Israel and interviewed the former head of Israeli security, Mossad, and asked the same questions. He gave the SAME answer.

He then went to Jordan and gathered feedback from the Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister, the Interior Minister and a Prince who is a senor advisor to the King. While talking to the Interior Minister he was asked, “Is this going to be like a Tom Clancy novel?” Joel said, “Well I hope so.” The Minister replied, “Good. Sit down and get your notebook out. Lets go on record. I want to give you this information because the King has appointed me to make sure your scenario never happens, at least not in our country.”

Ask Joel Rosenberg what keeps him up at night? He answers, “I thought ISIS was a threat we would face in four or five years, it’s coming up much faster than I anticipated.”

This is exactly what he said before 9-11.

While media sleeps, and the President rolls over in bed on the WRONG side of the issue, a historic event is unfolding before our eyes…

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of ISRAEL, King Abdullah in JORDAN and President el-Sisi in EGYPT have formed a historic GRAND ALLIANCE against radical Islam. The most historic POSITIVE geopolitical Middle East development in recent history and American leadership is on the wrong side and media are yawning.

Welcome to the strange new chapter of emerging Sheep and Goat nations. While some strange mental fog disorients American leaders, the leaders in Egypt, Jordan and Israel are moving in unity and clarity against the devil and toward the status of Sheep Nations!

With you on your watch praying for these 3 leaders we will see the plans of the enemy thwarted.
1.) Pray for King Abdullah and unity in Jordan.
2.) Pray for Netanyahu’s election in March (the White House wants him out).
3.) Pray that something happens to cause Iran to shift with regard to its nuclear agenda and President Obama will have and heed wise counsel from John Kerry.
4.) Pray for a revived prayer movement and clear headed American leaders to emerge.


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143 thoughts on “Prophetic WARNING from a man with an eerily accurate track record.

  1. My broadcast, The Great Shalom, is about children (Isa 54:13) , and really has nothing to do with geopolitical controversies, except that it is a Christian broadcast. However, the first international hit on my website (that I know of) was from Riyad (capital of Saudi Arabia). That was 2008. I deduce that someone was searching for “shalom.” And therefore, someone has spied on me, because they hate Israel. This is what it looks like to me.

  2. Just an old lady up praying in country. S.Africa. Also on the brink of what, can’t repeat
    The latest mayhem here. But take heed of your prayer requests can not afford books
    Too late, all the best to yours. J

  3. Matthew 24:4-9 King James Version (KJV)

    4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.

    5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

    6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

    7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

    8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.

    9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.

  4. Hi all. It is interesting that last night I had a dream. It was in a big room and there were a lots of people, all dressed in white. In the same time 2 terrorists entered the room with big guns to kill everyone in the room. In the same time I tried to hide in a closet and for my surprise in the closet there was a man dressed in white also. I said to him that in the other room everyone is going to be killed. Then he said let’s pray together. And we took our hands and the prayer was only 5words:In the name of Jesus. When I said those words the terrorists stopped and they didn’t kill anybody.
    So people of the living God get in Unity, get in to your closet and speak in the name of Jesus that everything to stop. Belive that we have a great power in the name of Jesus. Thanks for reading and thanks for taking action. Be blessed.

    • I have had several dreams in a row, one after another that are similar in nature as yours. We must get ready to minister about Jesus love for all people who don’t know him and pray, pray, pray. Our hope and security are in our Lord!

    • The same question you asked crossed my mind just before i scrolled to your post!! Surely, we must have Men of the Spirit who can speak with such accuracy about what is going on in Nigeria. Whatever the case, what’s happening is a call to prayer for the nation..

    • We as a group of Prayer Warriors are praying for Righteous Leadership. Our current leaders are wicked (meaning twisted in dark knowledge). 1Samuel 23:3…he that rules over men MUST be just
      Ruling in the fear of God.”

  5. I had a dream. My front door, w/security screen and secured from the inside as well, made me safe. I live upstairs, so NOT worried about the windows . . .
    But, in my dream ‘they’ had detached all the windows.
    Woke up out of a dead sleep *** it was not too late, strong warning.

  6. We must intercede for President Obama and the decisions he is about to make… If we don’t there is a reasonable probability that he will cancel the 2016 presidential in order to remain in office… That will cause a major revolution in this nation. Pray for righteousness to reign in the White House NOW!

  7. Thanks for waking up Lance! Now let’s all join together with strategic prayers that will align America once again with the heart of God as a sheep nation. May America fulfill her God ordained Destiny as a light to the nations and a courageous defender of the oppressed.

  8. I believe we are moving into the final hours where the false prophet and anti christ will be revealed. For so long the church was looking at Russia and China and I still believe they will play a role for other than religious reasons but the threat of ISIS and Al Quada, Hamas and Hezbollah and all radical religious groups, especially Islamic are firmly convinced that world take over is their main mission, convert, heavily tax or die. We need to realize too that all these groups have representation here in the United States primarily in large metropolis and then small towns and rural areas where they truly are sleepers. They blend in with the community and gather intelligence. For example since post 911 there has been over 50,000 transplants from the Dearborn Detroit region who have come into the I-20 corridor and beyond and family members purchased businesses especially gas stations and convenience stores. These investors are mostly from Yemen with some from Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Others have gone into other types of businesses. Some of these businesses launder considerable amounts of money for terrorism. It is literally delivered to a business in trash bags, the business owner will take it home and then the laundering begins. In the southern areas of Arizona and California there is a serious problem with terrorists kidnapping US citizens and others dragging them into Mexico and demanding ransom. No one is talking about this but there are forces dealing with this. Al-Quada has a strong presence in Mexico and work closely with the drug cartels there. I can tell you right now most people here in small town and rural America are oblivious to who they have in their communities. We had a guy straight from Yemen who had just been in the US one day and he was working in one of our stores. No one around here or most places speaks their language so they operate with impunity. They will befriend everyone and anyone and could literally shut down a community when they get the word. There are other things I cannot say here in public. We have been invaded for over 25 years. People have sent their American born children to Yemen, Syria and elsewhere for Jihad training and we have training camps here in this country. I have tried to broach the subject with some but most people see is as alarming and radical paranoia. One day a guy said he just found out one of his Muslim friends was on the no fly zone. The US treasury keeps a list of designated persons. I pray the alarm gets louder and louder because it is only the grace of God that holds back the powers of darkness. We have so much insecurity in our country where there are so many vulnerabilities that could be of epic proportion making 911 look like dress rehearsal.

    • Gladys,
      What you said is sooooo true. I am grateful that someone understands. Be blessed to continue to be a blessing.

      Grace and Peace~~

    • I couldn’t agree with all of you more. But I direct you to the most important thing to realize. That is knowing is not enough. The reality is where are you with your maker. One of the biggest misconceptions by false Preachers and False prophets is the understanding of 2 nd Thessalonians chapter 2. “The man of sin” Paul face a warning to his church saying the man of sin wants to take his seat in the Temple of God declaring himself as being God. Was Paul talking about a structural temple. NO. The temple had already been destroyed in 70 Ad. Paul always referred to the Temple being you and I. You are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. The man of sin. Or the mystery of iniquity. Or wicked one. Does not refer to a man who is going to declare he is God somewhere in Israel. Like most of the church has been taught. And while the church is concentrating on world events. The biggest war is happening in the believers heart. Allowing the wicked one to take a seat in the Temple – (our hearts ) look up the original Greek. It does not refer to wicked one. But (wickedness). Surely you can eat from this tree and shall not die. Allowing the man of sin or wickedness to take a seat in the Temple (your heart) of God declaring himself of being God. And right now there are many little gods running around dictating there own lives. Wake up church. And see the real spiritual battle. Amen

      • Yes l agree with you.also we have a dialog set up in our own nations that do not have good plans for is always to be able to see the trees for the forest.but yahsuha gave us the answer….that we be lovers of truth.this is my message for the day and hour.he said they were deceived because they were not lovers of truth.

  9. Yes. Don’t you wonder why our government/President is in a “mental fog”? Hmmm. Pray for discernment as you pray in the Spirit. He will reveal how we should pray. We are only seeing at the surface level.

    • I agree, Donna, we are only seeing at the surface level e.g. the natural/earthly level. It is in the supernatural realm that the Lord is moving and directing that which He wants to happen. Leaning not into our own understanding is vitally important in these days. God’s plan and purposes and ways are far beyond our understanding and thinking. Equally important is to pray in the Spirit and ask the Lord for interpretation since we really do not know how to pray for what is going on right now.

      • In addition, Every Single Day I pray Psalm 91 over the President, our government and all the government leaders all over the world. This includes the military in all of the countries around the world. And keep Declaring that God’s Glory Fire be poured out like a tsunami wave over not only us and the United States of America, but all over the world. He is moving with His Glory in a big, big way all over. Result is going to be the enemy rearing its ugly head. Putting on our Fiery armor of God in Ephesians 6 ever day and standing for God’s will to be done here on earth as it is in heaven in ALL things protects us from the enemy. Our part is to not allow the enemy to have any ground, be bold, take the offensive in The Spirit against the enemy’s plans – binding them in Matthew 18:18 [The Voice] 8 Remember this: whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Stand and see the Salvation of the Lord. He will give us the Victory when we believe, trust in Him and stand in Faith unmovable.

  10. Thanks Lance for sharing. I heard a member of congress who serves on the Armed Services Committee share a passioned call for prayer for our nation. Her statement was that America does not know how vulnerable we are right now. I am not a negative person but I sense such a somberness in my heart right now. The cost of weak and ungodly leadership in our country will be very expensive and deadly. It is time to sound the alarm in Zion and call the Church to prayer. I so appreciate you Lance. You bring a fresh hope filled perspective to a serious time in American and church history. Keep up the good work.

  11. Scripture gives us such a clear and powerful answer to ALL these concerns…2 Chron 7:14… “If my people…humble themselves and pray…(healing!)”
    Sometimes we miss the fact it’s two parts: 1) humble ourselves 2) pray
    We cannot pull the sword from the Rock unless it’s grasped with a yielded heart.


      • 2 CHRONICLES 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  12. I had a dream several years ago. I was in the White house when President Bush Jnr was stil President and I gave a chart/map filled with tactical information to a US General who passed it to him. At the time I wasn’t praying in the spirit but after he looked through the documents he smiled with relief because it was the answer he was seaching for. Several hundred people in the White House began to pray in the spirit and Psalm 2. I was a very young Christian at the time and didn’t know the significance of Psalm 2 at the time. I don’t quite know the relevance of this dream today but I suspect that God will not sit back and let America switch from being a sheep to a Goat so let’s keep praying.

    Thank you.

    • I notice that someone ask for prophetic significane of the Boko Haram scenario in Nigeria. I read through the replys hoping someone will say something. Every country is important to God so please if you have thoughts concerning the conflict in Nigeria, I’m interested.

      Thank you.

  13. I am new to Lance’s insight and I know he speaks truth. All sounds fearful and yet Our God Reigns……because we believe we pray and we will be victorious. When I asked the Lord why all this was happening He said…….because ‘I am Holy!’

    From Theodora

  14. Not one mention of the shadow government, that Obama is an illegal alien and a Trojan Horse illegally put in place by that shadow government with the media’s collusion, the enormous voter fraud or the staggering violations of the Constitution, again, with the media’s collusion.

    They are not adversaries as they have pretended, but the media does the shadow government’s bidding and has since the coup d’etat of 11-22-1963. Our media and government are controlled by our enemies and have been for over 50 years. They have been slowed by their failure to disarm American citizens.

    Christians are foolish to believe either the government or the “fourth arm” of the government, the media. I used to mockingly refer to them as thinking they had that role. That was 20 years before I found out that they are the U.S. government propaganda machine that we accused the Russian media of being. Stop being deceived. The same people who have manipulated Russia have manipulated the US. Listen to the interviews with Norman Dodd, think about it and follow through with prudent selections from the sidebar, which will give you more than enough leads to follow through. Here’s a good starting point.

    This is the time that we could show wisdom, understanding and leadership by exposing the fraud of the government to our secular and unbelieving neighbors

    Christians need to go beyond believing the news media isn’t honest and stop listening to them. We need to pick our sources from the Internet and learn how criminal this government is and that it is already illegally controlled by the men who put Obama in office, in part, so he could give them 7.7 TRILLION DOLLARS, the largest theft in the history of the world.

    Patriotism today requires believing an enormous amount of lies. We’ve heard talk about God’s judgment on America for many years. What we didn’t hear was that the government is crooked through and through. Chuck Missler wonders aloud that the present situation is God’s “abandonment judgment.”

    If you want to be naive, then do so without adding to the confusion and pray in tongues much more and ask God for seeing eyes and hearing ears.(Prov 20:12).

    We are the Lord’s sheep but blindness, gullibility and ignorance isn’t required.

    • In the event that my post gets edited or deleted, the very important video link I shared is entitled: “Norman Dodd On Tax Exempt Foundations.” This is a very weighty 1982 interview by G. Edward Griffin of Norman Dodd that *every person who wants to understand how U.S. Government and business functions NEEDS to hear.

  15. Obama has been- to a large degree- singularly responsible for causing more believers to get serious about their relationship with God than any other person in this nation’s history. The Body of Christ has historically been divided into cliques & sects all along; the damage done by this man has driven believers together more effectively than could ever have been done by any minister. It’s unfortunate that it has been necessary for things to go this way, but as the saying goes,”If the shoe fits….”. The wise thing to do is to go back to the prophecies spoken about the man & cling to those; remind God of His promises, & keep praying. When your focus is on God’s Kingdom you always know the outcome because you already know who’s going to win.

  16. Been praying in our morning prayer group that the Lord will send a prophet to the President to open his eyes and give him clarity.

  17. Lance,
    I posted your blog on Prayer For The Nations the other day—a group on Facebook…..this was a group that was formed recently for these things specifically. I have establish a Prayer Conference line that is free and if you feel so led we can use this for Spirit praying for the Nations. Yahweh is raising up a holy Army—–across the world—–to root out —-tear down —to build & to plant. I do believe He has an order for these objectives in the spirit.
    I truly believe this will be done as we gather together in one mind and one accord in prayer!!!
    You thoughts, Sir?
    Brenda Bicknell

  18. American leaders are NOT in a fog!!! They are simply pushing their evil agenda, having been involved in supporting ISIS, undermining the Constitution and systematically enslaving the people with their own tax dollars. Their idea of “of the people” is “money of the people”; “for the people” to them means, “for the enslavement or destruction of the people”. Unfortunately, the people are willing participants, for the most part.

  19. As always thank you Lance for sharing what God puts on your heart. Lance if I ever wanted to pray with someone, or have them pray for me it would be your lovely wife, when she is praying I can feel the Holy Spirt through the computer monitor.
    Christians need to be on knees, not only for our own safety, prayer for those in other countries who are in the middle of the trouble and for those who will be effected. There are numerous ways America can be serious damaged, not only by weapons, we need to think. No man knows the hour for the return of Jesus, the beam me up Scottie mentality needs to become how can we enlist in the battle and make a difference.
    We are in a bigger war with the principalities and powers of the air.

  20. I am a 60 year old grandmother and soldier of Gods Army. I use to hate politics but in the past 10 years I knew it was time to start watching. I have watched everything and I know we are in the end of times. I am disabled and was suppose to be in a wheelchair 10 yrs. ago. Im still on my feet. I know God has a plan for me and he needs me on my feet. I saw you on Jim Baker and was hooked. Thank you and all of you who are speaking out for God. My hope is for people to wake up and acknowledge what is happening in the world and take a stand for God. Thank you again Lance