Christian consumerism

10534102_10152594416504936_2096857197020915222_nThis week a friend commented about Christian consumerism and all the stuff we accumulate…”I've never once seen a U-HAUL following a saint into eternity,” he said.

Made me think. A moment ago I was trawling through old FB posts from 2013 and came across this picture taken by my wife Annabelle on an iPhone while she was driving through Dallas during a storm.

It looked like something from Time Magazine so I asked people for captions on FB. One comment jumped to the surface. It's from Nancy Boyce, a popular women's and ministry leader based in Rhode Island. She aptly suggested “You can't take it with you” and I think that is perfect.

The U-HAUL was on a pole, so I photoshopped the pole out…the sky and the rest is exactly as appeared that day.


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