Genuine humility with false humility

TRULY PONDER THIS….It’s important not to confuse genuine humility with false humility. A person with false humility continually talks about his unworthiness to take on a task God has given him. On the other hand, true humility is demonstrated when a person recognizes his inadequacy to do the job but accepts God’s plan and place and says, “This is bigger than my ability, but I trust that I can get it done with the Lord’s help. – RICK RENNER

For some reason, people assume folks who act confident are arrogant and folks who act insecure, are humble. The truth can be quite the opposite, and often is. Those acting confident may indeed be “acting” – the Lord tells us to “be bold” in the Old Testament, much the same way He tells us in the New Testament to “put on Christ” in forgiving, loving, or giving. Feelings have NOTHING to do with it. Obedience that never runs contrary to feelings is a cheap obedience.

Many a humble and indeed shaky believer puts on “confidence” like many a nervous public speaker or pageant contestant puts on a smile before walking the dreaded runway.

Humility isn’t a denial of achievement nor is it a public display of droop-shouldered modesty. Humility is a happy absence of preoccupation with self altogether! Hence, humility can coexist with great passion, ambition and achievement. And self-absorption can exist with persons appearing meek, small and obsessed over their unlikeliness to win.

Be bold. Act confident – even if your critics accuse you of lacking humility. Swing for the fences and play full out. Only those who have something to be proud of can properly wear the garment of humility, anyway. – LANCE

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