Give them foundations

10469045_10152483466059936_1384804701224842716_nThe Lighthouse in Rhode Island was built in mid 1730’s but burned down by the English in our revolutionary war, 1778. A hurricane in 1939 exposed the old lighthouse foundation. That’s what my kids are jumping on in this picture.

Think… Storms reveal the foundations hidden beneath whatever they encounter. What do your storms reveal about your foundations?

Second, our nation has foundations laid by godly and wise forefathers. Upheavals may burn the structure down, but the stones beneath will not burn. We must be restorers of foundations and rebuilders of the ways.

The next generation will dance and do wonders because the lid on our foundations is but the floor beneath their exploits.

I love my kids and want mine and yours to excel and partner for harvest in business, arts, souls. There are many harvest fields awakening now. Go forth and reap!

How about you? What do you see?





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