227039_10151296431654936_1979096669_nIs the window of America’s alignment under the government of heaven – 12/12/12 – completely failing to take hold? Are the West and East reversing roles? Is China becoming free and America heading for dictatorship?

Hurtling through the sky encased in a steel shell 37,000 feet in the air, at a speed of 740 miles per hour, is a marvel prophesied by Daniel who said that in the end times “knowledge shall abound and men shall run to and fro…” That a missionary can cross from China to America in one day on a highway of air would be a feat unimaginable to pioneer missionaries who once travelled 6 months to get to China. The distance between the unimaginable and the possible has never been closer… such is the peculiar characteristic of the last days – for evil or for good.

My friend Chuck Pierce and I met in Beijing as we both were ministering at the same time in the same city. He pointed out that 12/12/12 was a number of government – 12 Apostles; 12 Gates of Jerusalem; 12 Tribes; 12 Commandments given to Moses… and that the numbers repeated thrice (12/12/12) is an indication of heavenly government overlapping earth.

(And for those who caught it… I know Moses received 10 commandments- just checking.)

On 12/12/12 I travelled across town in Beijing from a Communist sponsored meeting where I spoke at an Academy in the morning to a Christian sponsored meeting with leaders of the 7 Mountains in the afternoon. That’s a public government and public church meeting in Beijing on 12/12/12! To the suffering church where Martyrs like Watchman Nee died in 1972, such an event would be as hard to imagine as the feat of air travel would seem to a missionary 100 years ago.

As I stepped off my plane onto American soil in Chicago, I was impacted by the atmosphere in the United States. It became clear once again that the unimaginable became possible. Who could believe that two semi automatic pistols could be unleashed upon innocent children in a quiet community in Connecticut? I pastored in New England for 20 years and knew this community. I cannot imagine a greater agony than that which these parents now face. This is too important a subject to condense for posting here but – is it possible that a spirit of lawlessness has been unleashed over the United States?

We need to talk about what’s happening in the spiritual government over America. I will post more tomorrow.

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