An invitation to become Christlike

One of the things that separates real Saints from Aint’s is the quest for a life that is seamless with Gods presence. In other words, true saints don’t live in compartments where “this compartment is my job and this compartment is my church and this is my marriage.” This sort of dichotomy leads to a phenomena anyone can slip into where they have a personality shift from realm to realm. Some folks cuss at work but seldom at home and never at church.

Point is… a Saint is someone in search of a life where no parts are dark, no area outside the presence, no incongruence. This is easier if you are a preacher, home schooler, self employed business owner, or engaged in any other profession that allows you to pick and choose your level of exposure to other people.

For the most part, cultural change does not come from this quarter. Not that it can’t, but remember what Jesus said about salt? Before refrigeration, salt was used as a retardant to the decay of meat. Salt has no flavor if it doesn’t come in contact with decaying flesh. The folks who change the game are rubbing up hard against irritable and irksome people and environments.

I like Francis Frangipane because he always threads things back thru a Saints perspective. I think he is a living saint and I say that objectively cause I ain’t. Yet.


Frangipane says:
“After 43 years in ministry, here is what I’ve found: Often, the flawed reality that initially angered me about my church or city, that very place was where God desired I become Christlike. Upon first seeing the need, typically, my flesh reacts with criticism. But if I repent of just finding fault, that is, if I pray and submit myself to Christ’s heart, I soon discover there are many ways for me to participate in redeeming this situation, all of which fuel my spiritual growth. Indeed, by approaching the area of need with Christ’s redemptive heart, the “flawed reality” I initially criticized ultimately became the land of my anointing.”
— Spiritual Discernment and the Mind of Christ

The flawed reality that angers, upsets, disturbs you is an invitation to become Christlike.


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