As I finished this post at 3 AM in CA. the spirit of Prophecy rose within me and I heard the Lord saying something important, especially to those that are weary…:

“Say not in your heart that “I am not worthy” for the Lord is the one that justifies and calls and renders the final verdict in the affairs of men. Inquire of me in this, sayeth the Lord. Call upon Me and I will show you the path to ‘much fruit’!

For I will take you by a way where no snare is hidden, a path where nothing devours and the falcon of the air cannot see. Where there was betrayal, there will now be peace. I will even make a path through the situation you thought you had to climb. I will bring you through into the place I have prepared. I will restore the years, and we will make up for lost time.

Walk with Me and I will give you My eyes to see…., for there are gifts under My tree, even gifts of the Spirit and Wisdom and Provision beneath the tree that was cursed. A ransom price has been paid in blood that you might have access to My Throne of Grace. Come up higher – walk in the Spirit and you will find the dimension your heart needs to see. There is a place before My Face that unfolds a new path before you. It is not far off..it is near….It is even NOW that the situation is turning.”

The lofty angels, Heaven, Adam, Eve and Eden were the Creator’s original Masterpiece. But the masterpiece was made vulnerable to the free will of God’s creation. When we fell, God sent the Master Artist to restore us. You are a work of art. A splendid new species, ‘hidden in Christ’…you are a partaker of His nature and your spirit bears His unique signature. He desires to show you the work you are called to do and to empower you to do it TODAY so that you bear MUCH FRUIT.

The Master Artist lives in you and desires to fill you with His Spirit that you might know His will and make today a masterpiece because a piece of divinity dwells in you.


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