Elisha knew what to do with the mantle. Do you?

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It was three hours of work. I was tired and zoned out, staring at this page. I had perfected a post on the mantle of Elijah and how Elisha knew what to do with it. I posted it, and went to fix one little item and forgot to save it. ALL GONE! Swoosh.

Oh well. Here is the short version:

Elisha knew what to do with the mantle. Do you?

He ‘took’ it up in his hands, he grasped it and then he went one step further; he ‘swung’ that mantle and dealt with a question he needed to deal with straight-on…”Is the God of Elijah the God of Elisha also? Will I see the same things in my life that my teacher demonstrated?” I don’t think he felt any anointing when he did this act. In fact, it seems like this was meant to be a lesson in ‘authority’ and not ‘presence’. Had he felt anything He would not have asked the question.

He got his answer. The waters parted. We often mistake the promise… “The Lord working WITH them and confirming the Word with signs following.” We tend to want the Lord to work FOR us and open doors (without us needing to knock.) We look for money to come in as a sign rather than going forth in faith and believing for the money to show up when needed. We look for leaders to confirm our gifts, rather than look at our fruit and see in it all the confirmation we need.

There are plenty of things going wrong in the world and much we could be frustrated about. In fact, the more informed you get in any area of Hell’s activity, the more your soul should be provoked and your heart concerned. BUT the answer is not in ‘bashing’ any more than it is in sanctified spiritual disengagement – the answer is in swinging your mantle and finding unique solutions to the things that bother you most. Put your anointing and authority to work!

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