1379929_10152058431304936_1249663328_nGod isn’t looking for you to have SUCCESS, He’s looking for you to have PRE-EMINENCE!

Your challenge is to carve out a unique place in the conversation occurring in your field. You have something original in you – if you just dig deep enough. Let other people compare themselves to each other and struggle over who is king of the hill.

When you redefine the conversation YOU MOVE THE TOP OF YOUR OWN HILL – the location where you are PREEMNANT.

Think about it. Heavens plan for you is that “you will always end up AT THE TOP AND NOT AT THE BOTTOM, if you obey his commandments.” (Deut 28:13)

I would not have believed it if it wasn’t written so clearly that regardless how upside down things look at the moment…”you will always end up” in a position at the top of the situation.

You are called to “be the head and not the tail.” The head sets direction and the tail goes along for the ride. If you find yourself on the dog sled, stuck behind another dog….the view is anything but inspiring.

You need to start a new sled.

With you in front.

Change the conversation. Go to the top of an original, superior idea.

This one incredible verse says it all…

“The LORD will make you the HEAD AND NOT THE TAIL, and you will always end up AT THE TOP AND NOT AT THE BOTTOM, if you obey his commandments, which I am urging you today to be careful to do.” (Deut 28:13)


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