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1450868_10152055991899936_76518798_nFly above the chaos and carve a path into your future

I am working on getting you a free webinar that explains some of the keys I use form “my Little Black Book” of Transformational Training.” I am turing it into a “Destiny Dashboard” to help believers fly above the chaos and resistance they encounter in circumstances.

So often outward circumstances (and our own feelings) can throw us off course. It reminds me of one pilots experience. A friend of mine was flying a jet and almost crashed because a hairline crack in the windshield was causing him to go into Oxygen Deprivation. He almost passed out till his wife made him put his oxygen mask on. Oxygen is like the presence of God. Keep yourself from invisible leaks.

Gods entrance is often conspicuous – but His exit undetected. Samson didn’t know the Lord departed. Keep an eye on the instrument panel “peace” indicator.

There are many devices the enemy uses to get us off course – distraction – being one. The “chatter” of other things can rob us of a word God is saying.

I remember reading about “instrument rated” pilots years ago and it got me to thinking. A pilot can be easily deceived by his or her senses. You may feel like you are flying straight and you could be in descent. You might even be flying upside down – when you are right-side up. An “instrument rated” pilot is trained to trust the instrument’s and not pay attention to his own subjective thoughts and feelings.

The instruments tell the truth, overrule your senses and keep you flying straight.

It is the same for the believer. Abraham had to ignore the natural data his aging body was telling him so that he could focus on what God was saying. He “considered not” (Ro 4) his own body by considering what God had said.

That’s a real key – fly based on what the instrument panel says in Gods word or promise to you. Some people don’t think God speaks today outside of chapter and verse, however, Abraham did not have a written text to work with. He had to go by what God had revealed. You and I have a double advantage because we have the Word that shines on the dashboard at night “as a light in dark place.” Don’t take any leading that contradicts what God has written, but likewise, don’t write off what you dream or prophetically hear from heaven.

Make a list of the instrument panel items that you are going to pay attention to. Hey, your spouse may just be one of those instruments! Many times God will speak a word to someone near you, especially when you are not hearing what He is saying. I always remember how Pilate’s wife sent him a note about Jesus while Pilate was on the throne making a decision about what to do with the controversial Galilean. For the rest of his life he had to deal with what happens when we ignore the instrument panel….we call it Pilot error.


Keep your eye out for the DESTINY DASHBOARD webinar!

— Lance

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