I got this crazy idea last week and I think it’s gonna be a game changer for a lot of people. Last week I head someone say something that got me thinking…

The Hebrew Year 5773 corresponds to the year 2013. The Key to this decade is the “70” cause it covers the decade. Each year – 5770, 5771, 5772 etc…all have the 70 involved. This 70 is “Ayin” or a word that looks like two eyes of divine perception. It is the decade to “see” with Gods eyes or wisdom. The last year had a “3” as prominent. In Hebrew the letters represent both numbers and words. Pretty cool, huh? So a “3” is also the “Gimmel” but it is also the world for CAMEL. The camel is the cruise ship of the dessert that carries the treasure or resource. The idea being that new connections and resources are on their way to you. So many have been looking for their vehicle into the next season that this was exciting.

( if you didn’t find your camel you should read the post I wrote earlierhttps://tinyurl.com/lsn9uc9 )

Here’s the update… The “4” for 2014 is the new piece to the puzzle. It’s the word “Dalet” and is a Hebrew word for “door.” It is also a word symbolizing a poor man receiving from a rich man.

What I did not know was that each year does not start cold with a new emphasis…but rather each year adds a NEW INGREDIENT to the former year! It is like a cake that is baked over time that has new ingredients that bring out the fullness of the former years.

So…God is bringing to you the resources and connections that complement the area where you have been impoverished and He is opening a door for you to step into your divine connection with resources AND a door of opportunity for you to step through.
Here is where it gets personally exciting. One of the areas people have been “poor” or insufficiently resourced is in the area of LAZER LIKE CLARITY on UPDATING who they are. In other words, every new level of TRANSITION through the door of your destiny requires a corresponding UPGRADE in IDENTITY!

So.. I am creating something new that will help you UPDATE who you are in the next season – It’s going to bring you quickly up to speed on all what you need to know to navigate through the DOOR in 2014.

This post is long enough for now….but stay tuned cause I will create a link to help you find your missing pieces to the puzzle!

Again here is that post on what to do if your “Camel” seems too slow in materializing.


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