Great Philosophy

If at first you don’t succeed….is a great philosophy, but don’t take up skydiving.

That line cracks me up. I think maybe Henny Youngman said it.

I just came from the Miss Teen USA pageant where my daughter did a fabulous job. She did this pageant in spite of not really wanting to do this pageant, if ya know what I mean. I admire that quality in people. The willingness to engage.

The winner was from Dallas. and her mother (and I think her Grandmother) were both miss Teen Texas before her. The former Teen Texas gal did 3 pageants before winning her title. You really gotta want the title to get the title.

I say this because I want to encourage people, (especially young people) to say “yes” to a whole lot of opportunities. Take on whole lot of different challenges. Stretch yourself and become larger. God takes every experience you experience and makes it useful to your growth.

A common characteristic of “achievers” is a bias toward taking action. A sense of moving “toward” rather than “away” from new things. A self confidence born of knowing you have what it takes to encounter the unknown and grow from the encounter.

How about you? Anything you need to say “yes” to?

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