Good leaders debate the answers, great leaders debate the questions

Good leaders debate the answers, great leaders debate the questions.

The right answer to a wrong question leads to a useless solution.

I’ve run into a lot of resistance lately by suggesting that Christian leaders are asking the WRONG questions about the direction the nation is moving in.

So… here is a controversial quote: “America does not need to turn to God, the problem is the other way round – the church needs to turn toward America.”

Think about it. We talk about “America” as if it was a person, it isn’t. It’s 309 million people whose minds are shaped under the influence of the conversation that engages them at the moment.

Translation?…. We don’t shape the national conversation in church or revival meetings. In those environments we shape each other and that’s important. But it’s talking to the fishermen and not actually fishing.

To shape America, you have to engage 309 million minds and hearts through the powerful “mind molders” that shape our national conversation. We need to activate the saints–YOU that are called to media, government, education, the military, law, business, entertainment, sports, etc. We need to support you in occupying your assigned territory. You need prayer partners, don’t you? And you need to know how to advance up your mountain and how to discern God’s voice and make wise decisions as you ascend. These are the subjects we need to preach.

You need to know that “lesser authority must yield to greater authority” and YOU carry the “greater one” in you.

To change the world you and I need to “go into all the world” and seek ways to bring the environment (presently under the power of darkness) into a position where it is under the influence of God.

It’s all a new territory.

It all starts with a DIFFERENT question.

To go into all the world we need to go into all the “systems!”

You would think that most church leaders are asking how to activate their people to become engaged in what God is doing in the workplace, right? Guess again. A focus on your career and penetrating culture does not build commitment to church… so it’s not pushed. Hence, the one place that needs to turn toward America is only interested in talking about America!

However, there are exceptions to the rule. One bold Mega Church is exploring this in Dallas. The Senior Pastor, Mike Hayes, of Covenant Church, has been seized by the realization that “gates” shape society and the “church” is called to show up at the gates! He senses that this is a big shift in his life. He wants the entire congregation to start targeting their gates.

Jesus said: “I will build my church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.”

Where are the gates of influence located? The gates of Hell seek territory near the high places that shape culture. Where is the church supposed to be? Where the gates of hell are located. Are they over governments and economics and news outlets and music? You bet. Are we showing up?

To change the world… Start by changing the question.

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