Don’t die from a thousand cuts of “busy.”

Don’t die from a thousand cuts of “busy.”

The devil knows your weakness and if given opportunity will set you up to fail. Thats why the verse “make no provision for the flesh” is so important. If you have a problem with candy don’t take a job at the Hershey Factory. Some sin’s you overcome by getting the heck away from them…. (Sorry to say, this occasionally involves people.)

That’s being too busy to discern temptation. Reckless.

Rick Renner says: “THINK ABOUT IT AGAIN… Regardless of your spiritual background, the devil knows exactly which buttons to push in your emotions to keep you all bound up and depressed. He even knows how to disguise his voice to make you think God is talking to you. He wants to get you off track so you will dispel your deepest dreams, casting them off as pure imagination.”

That’s being too busy to nurture the dream God gave you. Tragic.

But I am always struck by the candor and transparency of an old time revivalist who wrote, “many times I felt embarrassed and perplexed with regard to my own weakness and want of stability in the presence of temptation.” How beautiful. Any current leaders in the church making this statement? The man who penned these words was Charles Finney. Arguably one of the top 5 most dangerous soul winners and culture shapers in American History.

What did Finney do to regain his power? He got away from the world and its demands and “recalibrated” his soul and spirit to the Holy Spirit.

That’s being smart and slowing down out of “busy” and getting re-grounded in the Spirit.

Here is a key – Jesus said “My words are spirit and they are life.” Don’t make the mistake the mistake of feeding your body three meals a day, hunting for fresh organic this and that while forcing your spirit man to subsist on dry crackers and motivational quotes from your favorite preacher. Your spirit man – the inner man – has to be fed daily. “Give us this day our daily bread” has to be referring to food and REVELATION because Jesus said ” man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that PROCEEDS from the mouth of God.” Bread is food. His Word feeds your spirit.

See? There is DAILY revelation food sent from God to you to feed your spirit. It may be dramatic or it may be subtle. Looking back over some blown opportunities the Lord spoke the following to me and it shook me up:

“There are words that have been spoken by God that were fresh PROCEEDING words right out of His mouth into your situation – but you were to busy or preoccupied to hear them. You walked into situations where you didn’t have the advantage of His counsel and made less than optimal choices. Fix that. Bring your plans before the Lord and He will cause your thoughts to align with His.”

To hear the proceeding words “from His mouth” you have to seek His FACE! Don’t just seek an insight or wisdom, seek the face of God. When you find His face you will hear His mouth speak. That’s how you go to access the “proceeding word”- read the Bible in a place of raptured communion- discover what heaven has for you today and WATCH what happens!

Lance Wallnau

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