1010577_10151705127124936_128255315_nThere is something to heed in the idea of being “planted,” especially if we are near the Last Days era of global shaking.
three things come to mind…

1.) “Being rooted and grounded in love that you may comprehend…” was an inspired Prayer of Paul to Ephesians. Wisdom and intelligence are characteristics of the good and the wicked. There is a wisdom from above and a wisdom from below… What separates them is the heart. Guard your heart and keep it free from toxicity in all forms. A strategy can falter but love never fails and those rooted in love can “comprehend.”

2.) Plant yourself by rivers of living water (Ps 1) Notice that the secret to David’s prosperity was his deep rooted connection with the empowering presence of the Spirit. I am actually learning from my son how to do this better. Be rooted and grounded in love and a supply of water. Happy indeed if the 2nd planting has a house with it. The ideal is to be planted in the house of The Lord. A community of trees rooted deep into a river of love and wisdom and power.

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