The logic of D.C. policy makers would be comical if the issues were not so terribly serious

207779_10151321728779936_574092290_nJust wrote this. Hesitated to post cause its a spicy meat-a ball. The logic of D.C. policy makers would be comical if the issues were not so terribly serious. Hold tight….here it is:

“The latest wisdom from the Oval Office…’I am skeptical that the only answer is putting more guns in schools.’ With all due respect sir,… Duh. I am skeptical that x-rays and armed TSA agents at the airport will stop terrorism at the ticket counter, but I’ve become accustomed to these long lines and hands over the head strip searches (as you have if you travel) because lawlessness necessitates greater policing.
These shootings are tragic- but note, they always happen where concealed guns are not allowed. The shooters are crazy but they are not stupid. They shoot where nobody is expected to shoot back. Lawlessness means loss of liberty and the need for external control- two things anathema to lovers of freedom.
But this loss is increasing all the time. Why?
Decay of civility and decay of conscience. You can’t have it both ways Mr President. You pressure Illinois this weekend to advance homosexual marriage, the same week you blame republicans for your four year failure to put together a budget- with a Democratically controlled Senate. From a moral perspective, your administration is the equivalent of an assault weapon on the institution of marriage and the economy. Lets ban the assault weapons entirely, off the street, away from the altar and out of the budget games you politicians keep playing with our economy…but lets not stop there.
Regarding the need for armed security at schools – After shooting occurred a few years ago in a church in Colorado nearly every mega church in America hired concealed weapon security. You see, the more sacred and innocent the environment the more care goes into its protection. So lets go beyond protecting precious 7 and 8 year olds from crazy shooters. Lets be fully consistent. Go a year further back and protect them from crazy legislation that threatens their life in the final months before they come out of the womb. Selah
Then we’ll have a happy New Year.

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