The farmer-field metaphore

616216_10151066166619936_168578528_o@micahjmurray: Says to me “Your post was “sexist and non-biblical. Woman DOES have other value beyond responding to men.” OBVIOUSLY Micah! I am sharing this because nowadays we are not only reduced to compress ideas into 140 bits in a tweet we have to consider every conceivable aspect of a subject to avert the towns people showing up with torches to assail the ‘sexist and unbiblical!’

I like Micahs work and the talent he displays on one of his web sites, so I will take a moment to use this as an opportunity to address one aspect of the sexist confusion creeping into the church.

Man is the farmer
woman is the field.
The farmer plants
and the field responds.
Want a different harvest?
Cultivate the field!

Most women get what I am saying.

But…. to enlarge. The Lord made woman from man and hence she has a unique capacity within her design that enables her to process both feelings and logic simultaneously. A 30% greater integration of the left and right hemisphere – (according to Dr. Daniel Goleman)

The man, being formed first has a natural orientation to the outside world. Hence as Paul wrote: “if a man provide not for his family he is worse than an infidel…(1 Tim 5:8)” Note: This admonition to men does not rob a woman of anything in terms of career – as Paul and Jesus were significantly funded throughout their ministry by key women of influence- it simply points out that men and women are designed differently. Lets not miss this. By in large men are driven by a desire for women to admire and respect them. Note how unemployment is such a keen blow to the psychi of a man in this regard. And women, while equally ambitious in the workplace perhaps, in matters of romance desire to be ‘captivating’ to her man and want to feel ‘connected.’ I am suspicious of all the effort put by modern social engineers who seek to emasculate men and make women masculine.

The farmer-field metaphore is biologically backed up as well, since the man has to impregnate the woman and the woman needs to be ‘fertile’ at that time. The farmer field metaphor however makes sense in a far more elegant and less sexual way when you consider this from an emotional perspective. Think about the atmosphere in the home. The farmer gets the harvest he plants depending on how he cultivates the receptivity of the field. A man cultivates a woman by the way he treats her, talks to her, touches her and generally, honors her. The Biblical admonition to men is to “nourish and cherish” the wife even as Christ does the church. (Eph 5:25-29.)

The man has a unique authority in the home under Gods system and as such he has the power and responsibility to make the field flourish. Failure to understand the field results in a loss for both the man and women of all God intended.

That is neither sexist or unbiblical – it is wisdom from above!

Ladies….am I correct?

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