fgallery11-1In David’s day, the devil was manifesting in the harassing form of the Philistines. Every day for 40 days, the armies of Israel were berated and mocked by a large demon-possessed beast named Goliath. King Saul had the responsibility and the positional authority to deal with this problem, but he lacked confidence because the Spirit of the Lord had departed from him! Saul was powerless to solve the problem- and he knew it. David had the anointing to deal with the situation, but what he did not have was a position with authorization to apply it. It is important to realize that David didn’t take out Goliath as a shepherd boy or as King – he did it as a newly inducted soldier. He was authorized by Saul to enter the sphere of Government service – the government mountain. Goliath was a military embarrassment and hence, a political problem. David had earlier penetrated the sphere of government as a music therapist. This is why he could approach the king. Proximity is power because the power to access can become the power to influence. The moment David was invited to put on Saul’s armor, he was no longer an outsider criticizing the situation; he was an insider, a government employee if you will, hired to solve it.




Something shifted in Israel when Saul received David and authorized him to represent him in battle. Goliath was about to meet God in a David suit. On a side note, consider the fact that Esther, Joseph and Daniel were all subordinates to rulers of different faiths who prospered because they “received” the one God sent. When we really believe what Jesus said: “he who receives you, receives me,” we will begin to see amazing things start to happen through us. When they invite you into their sphere, Jesus comes aboard their ship!


We simply MUST rethink how the Kingdom of God advances and how heaven triumphs over evil in our day. We must stop thinking that God primarily shows up in revival meetings or intense worship gatherings. David knew God’s presence from his solitary worship on a hillside, but he wrought a nation-changing victory when he combined the worshiper with the warrior.


We must be like David and merge our bridal love of spiritual intimacy and passion for God’s presence with a warrior’s resolve to advance against an intimidating foe and formidable heights. The image of a warrior/lover is the verse describing a bride coming out of the wilderness and “terrible as an army with banners.”


Put the supernatural to work. Daily make it your confession that “the Spirit of the Lord is upon me and I am anointed to fix this situation!” You heal sick systems and cast out devils from corrupt corridors of influence. You cleanse leprous minds and hearts and raise dead institutions to live again as God intended. You are a revival unleashed in the world of the mundane. You shift the atmosphere by patiently praying and claiming “every place the sole of your foot treads upon.”




It’s time we had a serious talk about this. You cannot bind the strong man from around the corner – you have to go into the strongman’s house to plunder his goods and divide his armor.  It is a spiritual law that lesser authority must yield to greater authority. However, until the greater authority shows up and presses the issue, the lesser authority will dominate. That pretty much sums up the second coming as Jesus meets nations aligned against Him.


Hell will not yield, and America will not be saved because of our prayers alone. The strong man will only budge when one mightier than him comes upon him – in his house. Jesus is the mightier one and He wants to clothe Himself with YOU, the body of Christ. THEN those prayers for America, stored up in the heavens like latent nuclear power, will be unleashed.




You are not just a ‘worker bee’ schlepping along, paying the bills, wishing you could trade places with some anointed ministry on the front lines of the advancing kingdom.  You ARE the front lines of the advancing kingdom! YOU are the anointed deliverer, the David in your assigned sphere. In fact, if you don’t go, the kingdom will not come! The church is not the kingdom; the church is given the keys of the kingdom. The Kingdom is simply “God’s way of doing things.” The church is the authorized dealer of heaven unlocking God’s way of doing things on earth! Until you go the Kingdom will notcome. God’s way is God’s wisdom. God has wisdom for every sphere of life and a solution to every problem of man. Wait upon Him and He will reveal His “wisdom” through you in your specific assignment. In the end, “we teach nations His ways.” (Isaiah 2)




Jesus envisions a church in close proximity to the gates of hell. He said, “I will build My church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against you.” Where are those gates located? They are not hard to find. Wherever a powerful, destructive or lawless thought has a “strong hold” on the minds of people, a “stronghold” is empowering it. Put every perversion and dangerous religion into this category. Powerful, disembodied spirits who rule the darkness of this world are working to advance their malicious work through remnants of gatekeepers in a handful of spheres of influence in each city and nation. Through these gates, dark powers shape and make disciples of nations. The only ones truly able to resist are those who are full of the Spirit of God. That which you bow your knee to on the way up the mountain, will control you at the top. Those who confront Baal are those who never bowed the knee.




What especially provokes the emerging army of “Davids” is that these forces are squatting on the heights of the inheritance that belongs to Jesus. These Philistine strongholds are not located in Hell; they are located on the Hill of God!


              “After that you shall come to the hill of God where the Philistine garrison is.”

(1 Sam 10:5)


Up David! Draw near and listen! There is the sound of a strutting giant mocking the armies of the living God. Does this not provoke you? Your hours of prayer on your hillside among a few sheep soaking in God’s presence and singing were for this moment. You’ve dealt with your lion and your bear; this uncircumcised Philistine will be just like them. It is time to reach for your slingshot.

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