Someone just sent me this….(Sheila Patrick) said, “I see 11:11 frequently- this is what The Lord told me it means…”For as much chaos that there is in the world there will be an equal and proportionate amount of chaos in the church.” I asked why and he told me that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit -revival- will cause much chaos for the religious. We must keep our eyes on the “right” side of the 11 equation.”

(Lance says) The church has left the building but is expanding its base of operations. We are now going to see “pockets of resistance” rise up in increasing proximity to the seats of decision makers and influence shapers – modern day “kings.”

Angels are opening paths to combine intercessors with occupiers, i.e. those with proximity to the throne will converge with those with proximity to power. As they work together, new clusters or cohorts will form… Like micro churches- mini Ecclesias that will exert influence over the foxes and forces of Hell in their mountain.

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